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    Test Boosters???

    So my wife found out I got juice and threatened to leave me.. Obviously not worth it, so I wanted to know if a test booster will at least give me some kind of positive effect? If so, what brand? Also, I can take an oral only cycle since there will be no signs of injection or bruising but I know oral only is a bad idea. I'm 24 yrs old.

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    Get some tren and dump the wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frandman2014 View Post
    Get some tren and dump the wife.
    My idea, but..orals are much better than boosters.. most boosters just a waste of money..

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    I've actually had two different endocrinologists tell me that the only way to raise testosterone enough to have any kind of anabolic effect is to supplement with actual testosterone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frandman2014 View Post
    Get some tren and dump the wife.
    The best way out. Lol

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    Testboosters are shit, if any where effective they would be very expensive & you would need a prescription.

    Educate her on It and why u need it or want it. If she' still not down see frandman2014's advice.
    "GYM + JUICE"

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    What is everyone's thought of hcgenerate? I have read countless good claims on it.

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    The general census I have gotten from people on this forum, is they are not really worth it. Many claims are possible marketing ploys....

    Someone chime in if I am off.

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    i got tested before using test boosters and after through the VA, i was trying to get a scrip threw them, and my levels were exactly the same..... thats why im here now..... those are crap.....

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    Lol,good idea!


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