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    Miesha Tate On Ronda Rousey Losing At UFC 193: “You Just Got Beat, B*tch”

    Miesha Tate On Ronda Rousey Losing At UFC 193: “You Just Got Beat, B*tch”
    By Andy Ravens -
    Nov 15, 2015

    UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Miesha Tate hosted a UFC 193 party at Sapphire Las Vegas on Saturday night. At that party, Tate made a few comments that have since been picked up my multiple media outlets.

    Tate, who is the long-time rival of Ronda Rousey, was supposed to fight Rousey instead of Holly Holm. At least that’s what she thought.

    UFC brass had a different take on it and booked Rousey vs. Holm at UFC 193 instead of Tate vs. Rousey. This rubbed Tate the wrong way and in multiple interviews, Tate stated that she’s thinking about retirement over the way the UFC handled the situation.

    The irony is that Rousey lost to Holm and the UFC, who pushed her aside, will now need her to step up to fight for them as Rousey will be taking off to film a movie for the early part of 2016.

    At the party, Tate made it clear about what she thought of UFC 193 and Rousey losing, “f-ck Ronda Rousey.”

    “I’m f-cking stoked; f-ck Ronda Rousey,” Tate told MMA News Source. “F-ck her and her ‘Nobody has the right to beat me.’ Nobody has the right to beat you? Well you just got beat, b-tch. … Anyways, I’m proud of Holly. She had a perfect, flawless game plan. She came in with it (Saturday) and now she is the champion.”

    Check out the video here:

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    Good. I really dont like Ronda Rousey. Shes so fucking smug and overhyped. At least guys like Mayweather keep it real.

    Didnt Rousey say she could be a champion in boxing? LOL


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