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    GH (often used by athletes after injury) and IGF1 of course GH and IGF1 are intra related... and just GOOGLE on Anavar (Var) oxandrolone for injuries, it is especially know for its healing properties when burned but also helps with injuries. And as said here by our members Bolda and Deca ..

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    Hi, new member here. not a doctor. my 2 cents: i am coming off a pretty severe knee injury from the twisting and exploding of taekwondo kicking, using 10IU american HGH split daily for 8 weeks. alo0ng with test, and deca. I think one thing you are confused on is that steroids heal or help heal muscle belly. thats it. tendons and other conective tissue just dont react with AAS. also, 10iu is waaaay over the recomennded dose for healing anything, i am using for 8 weeks, thats it, because at that level everytyhing grows....also, deca and EQ are very similar compoundss, both decent for joints, but as was said earlier, i think water retention is the root cause of that. when i want to heal, say for instance i tore a lower back muscle at work, and knee was a problem, so i said screw it..running HGH< SLIN and test to get over it. its not perfect, but i heal witho0ut surgerys. be it shoulder, knee, whatever. i also dont recomend the slin if you are knew to it. so looks like for your healing, low ball run of test, and spend a bunch of dimes on GHG. but its still not a miracle. its a work in progress, and takes time.

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    Yeah, GH works well!


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