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    lol gl hf my order is on 6 weeks and i live in europe :]

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    im an idiot for posting what i did i should read the rules before i get banned.
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    Some members just love to kiss other members asses on here.
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    Welcome,Welcome TeamNaps.......Please excuse our members who may be failed ESL students.

    Quote Originally Posted by naps View Post
    Hey guys, please welcome TeamNaps as site Rep.

    If at any time you have any order related questions or comments for us, please PM TeamNaps and we will be happy to assist you.

    Best regards
    It says to please PM TeamNaps not post ur issues.

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    Hello naps reps u guys are the greatest glad to have on here

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    Hahaaa people either can't read or blind

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    Got pkg this am. Im a happy camper. Tks Naps

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    I have an issue with an order and tried to PM and it said that the message box was full...Who can I PM to get some help?

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    Hi my box is empty now.

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    Yup. Your sites support option is still down. I have a minor issue w mis packing and need to get some response to fix and make future orders.


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