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    Hi everyone, technical glitches stopped me from posting but now im here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by repsol61 View Post
    Will I be notified when my shipment clears customs? ( #61241)
    why would you ask this out on the open?!.... not very bright....

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    Just so you know, I love Naps! That's all. Thanks guys!

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    first time user i guess ill wait and see but as soon as i recieve will let ya know but the trust is completly there thanks bro naps all the way please stay forever lol

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    Naps is fucking awesome. I love you guys . Keep up the good work. I love your products.

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    i wanna pm u but i cant cuz ur mailbox is full...

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    its clear now.

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    Welcome TeamNaps, glad to know we have some support if need be. I've heard only good things from my freinds.

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    My order ws shipped 2/27. With all the delays, what's the best ETA? Give or take a week of course. Thanx'


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