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    St John's Wort

    After our appreciated member F.I.S.T. posted about SJW I decided to write about, since I know quite a few that really benefit from its usage. Just send it in as a new blogpost hope you will like it..

    Why bodybuilders, powerlifters, fitness-enthusiasts and other iron warriors would need St John’s wort?
    First of all they are only human and as so many others can easily get anxious and/or depressed, especially post cycle. Not mentioning the appetite suppressant
    And it also influences Growth Hormone, androgens, prolactine etc, more on that later in this blogpost.

    A careful recent analysis of 23 different studies of St. John's wort concluded that the herb can be used to treat a myriad of medical conditions. It is indicated and effective for treating the following: Sleep disturbances, mild to moderate depression, Seasonal affective disorder, low self-esteem or lack of confidence, pessimism, hopelessness or despair, lack of interest in ordinary pleasures and activities, withdrawal from social activities, fatigue or lethargy, guilt or ruminating about the past, irritability or excessive anger, lessened productivity, difficulty concentrating or making decisions and menopausal symptoms. More recently it has been shown in clinical trials to be effective for treating alcoholism and nicotine addiction.

    Franklin et all 2001: ”Results in normal volunteer studies show that St John's wort caused significant increases of salivary cortisol and plasma growth hormone (GH) whereas it decreased plasma prolactin versus placebo. Plasma hormone levels were associated with a rise in plasma hyperforin but not with hypericin, however no significant correlation was found.” “Plasma prolactin was significantly reduced by acute treatment with hyperforin treatment but not by hypericin.”

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    Thanks for the info RonnyT.

    I can personally attest to its benefit.Well to be honest,I can say I feel its contributed to my feeling of ease during those times that ive needed a little xtra help.I was taking this along with some other natural supps so I can state that it was SJW alone that fixed me up,but I do know of the reported effects from many people si I believe it did have a big part in my own issues.

    Natural treatments and remedies for me 100% of the time over prescription poisons.Meds do have their place and time,but I personally feel that they are a crutch that should only be used as an immediate remedy for certain ailments and/or conditions BUT should be ceased as soon as possible for more natural,healthier and less addictive alternatives which are absolutely more a PERMANENT solution to just doping yourself out of your problems and never really curing the cause of them in the first place.

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    Lots of pharmaceutical drugs will make you dependent (addicted) and are just there to keep you hooked (for life). Just read the blogpost its up already


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