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Thread: Bananas?

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    Ok no shit here, if I eat bananas and I will have a muscle cramp in the firearms or where ever I drink a shit ton of water leave bananas out of my diet and no cramps. I stay hydrated adequately that's no problem but keep diet and traing the same and add bananas and boom random cramps!!! WTF

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    Well as we all know,bananas are what is taken by many to help eliminate muscle cramps due to their incredible nutrient density of such vitamins and minerals like potassium,magnesium,C,B6,fiber,etc but there are rare occasions where people can suffer muscle cramps from them.

    How could this be you ask?? Well aside from the obvious reason of having an allergy to them,the biggest reason this happens is by having an unbalanced potassium level.If the body is low in potassium, it will be prone to muscle contractions or spams, particularly in the leg area. Chronic alcoholics, athletes who sweat profusely, and dieters who consume less than 800 calories a day are prone to potassium deficiency. Note that bananas do not trigger leg cramps. That said, suffering from leg cramps after eating a banana could point to potassium deficiency.Why would this happen you ask? If im LOW in potassium,why would eating bananas which are high in potassium give me cramps? Its a shock effect.The body is suffering a deficit in this mineral and then suddenly introduced to a large intake of it and BOOM,it goes into a state of shock basically.Athletes, in particular, are prone to muscle cramps after eating a banana because the muscles normally contract as the minerals stored in the body are replenished.

    Of course, too much of a good thing can be bad for you as well.If you have an abnormally high potassium level in the body, it could also lead to muscle cramps as well.

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    Appreciate the response! I guess I'm going to continue with 2 bananas a day with my shakes which r new to me as well, I bet I'm lacking in the potassium area like what you wrote suggests.

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    There you go brother.So yes,continue with you banana intake until your bodies potassium level evens out and you should be fine.Make sure to stay hydrated as you have been.

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    This is super interesting to me. I too experience the same phenomena when eating bananas irregularly. How long would it take for potassium levels to.. level out? an approximate value - of course.. 1 week - several weeks - 1 month - several months??? Or is it simply impossible to know?

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    Its impossible to say AlwaysGrowing.Only you will be able to determine that by the results.Everyone is different so you will learn from trial and error.

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    Update I just noticed today i haven't had cramping problems in a few days glad I asked instead of ditching them it's easy carbs to eat fast and no prep lol

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    Banana is good fruit.

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    Everyone loves bananas.


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