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    Quote Originally Posted by F.I.S.T. View Post
    Frandman,nothing has helped me more than meditation.You hear guys all the time talking about what drugs they get doped up on to relax but with all the wonderful negative sides that go with them,which in many cases are far worse than what they started taking the meds for in the first place.With meditation you get no negative sides,no addiction,no NOTHING but finding ones inner peace.

    The thing is,with meds,you may be doping yourself into relaxing and temporarily forgetting whats causing your anxiety but you're not fixing the problem thats causing it.So once the dope wears off,you're back to square one and most times,worse off than before do the crash you experience when sobered up.With meditation,it helps free your mind up and deal with life's stresses much better.Learning to accept and deal with the stresses of life is a much better,natural and permanent fix.

    Trust me,once you start and stay with it,you become more and more in tune with yourself and will find it easier and easier to go through life without getting upset with the same things that once plagued you.
    I know you are right.... No need for more more drugs
    One of the reasons I can't relax Its I abused drugs for many years when younger... No anymore
    I'm iperactive and my sleep it's fucked...4am here...because of that I think..
    Its been a few years no taking anything and feeling great but side effects still there ...And I'm a head chef so my job keeps me alert all day and doesn't help...
    I'm pretty chill when off thou
    Must be the smokes lol..
    I'm getting better slowly mate...
    Great advice as usual and I will follow it.
    Thanks man appreciate
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    Meditation is necessary to stay stress-free. Ayurvedic treatment help to cure rom depression.

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    Meditation is best to stay healthy and fit. Ayurvedic treatment for any disease is best practice.
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    Meditation is a secret weapon for everyone .It is a way to overcome despair
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