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    Looking great brother.Keep it up.Very inspirational to us all.

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    Note to self no more sex in the hard wood floors lol my knee was messed up all damn day so deadlifts were out if the question especially after not lasting but 5 minutes on the tread mill in stead of my normal 20mins on stair machine.
    Today I hit back started with 3 sets of pull-ups with exagerated squeezes fast reps hanging and stretching about 8-12 reps each set I use the to warm up my back and get my mind used to flexing my lats for the time being
    I did barbell rows next 135 x20 225x12 275x8 drop set 225x10 135(underhand grip)x10
    Lower back was torched even with a weight belt on I do these as parallel as possible to the floor.
    Dumbbell rows 4 sets 15-20 reps today did these leaned on an incline bench chest supported simultaneously to save my lower back and to speed up the process but also squeezing the shit out of my back
    Hammer strength rows machine idk I did these 4sets 15-20 reps 2-3 plates drop set last set 321 good back pump from these
    Then to wide grip lat pull downs to mid belly 5sets 15-20reps
    Then 4sets hanging leg raises 12 rep then leave the gym.... I honestly did not eat worth a shit today and felt like I cioukdve done more if I had eaten more I should've hit 2excersizes for biceps and calves and more abs oh well at least I was intense so it was beneficial and thanks for the compliments fist..

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    Very nice workout brother!!!


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    Last night was shoulder traps and triceps knee still has some pain so skipping cardio and legs until I'm better 👎
    started with seated bbell press warm up bar with like 50 bradford press style to warm up reps then 135x20 185x15 225x12 reps drop set the last set
    No rest at all hardly between these sets, just enough to change the weights and sip water I'm moving fast as to burn more calories and b more conditioned.
    Side lateral dbell 4sets 20 super set with dbell shrugs
    Front laterals seated one rep regular every other rep is under handed(12rep) 4sets super set with over head tricep extensions 100lbs 4sets 20 rep
    Lying nose breaker with ez bar super set with rear felt lateral raises 4sets 12 rep delt 20 rep tricep
    Then reverse peckdeck for rear delt 3 sets 20 then super set with shoulder bomb fly (like a fly but for shoulders and u rotate wrists and it's straight in air weird one I made up) then 4sets 20 tricep push down with vbar and 4sets 12 hanging leg raises.

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    Very nice workout brother hope your knee getsvto feeing better


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    Last night no legs so I hit chest again and biceps and abs incline bench 225x5 drop set last set 135 for 15 try to do these with very little rest not even 15 seconds break
    Incline dbell fly 1set 55s then 65s 75 (85) I got 9 rep in 85s I as huge and pumped at his time and pyramid back down
    Hammer curls 50s 4 sets 8-15 reps drop set last set
    Then hammer strength machine 3 plates slow squeezing 4 sets 12-15 reps then
    Arnold curls 4sets 8-12 reps
    Then cable cross overs 5 sets 20 ish reps and
    double biceps cable curls 4sets
    hanging leg raises 4sets 12 rep
    boom done. Was intense I i was nasty nasty pumped
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    Very nice workout brother pestosterone!!


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    Did a 2nd back workout kind of high repped squeeze I focused in mind muscle connection since its a 2nd workout for the back his week
    6 sets 8-12 reps pull-ups super setted with also 6 sets barbell rows just 135 on these 15-20 reps I change hand positioning every set of these kept back parallel to floor and squeezed the back and make hard contractions
    Then simultaneous dbell rows 4 sets 20 reps I do these stretched way out I do have my back slightly rounded to get that lean forward and let the kats stretch and row back to my hips but try to keep elbows wide as fuck if done in this manner these r a bitch lol but I believe it's binging out veins in my lower traps upper center back area nice pump
    Then on to seated calve raises and hammer strength chest supported row machine both super setted 4sets 15-20 reps
    Then lastly lat wide ass lat pull downs 4sets 20 super set with hanging leg raise 4sets and standing calve raises on a box in smith machine 4 sets

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    Shoulders again today was very brief too much talking going on another guy doing a show he is great shape but he talks a lot so I was short simple and to the point started with
    Hammer strength shoulder press's 6 sets 1 plate pyramid up to 3 a side sets of 15 last set got 12 so I made it a triple drop set 321 plates
    Then side laterals 4 sets of 20 and 1 set 12 1 set of 7 drop set lots of reps like 3 drops
    then barbell shrug 6seta of 12-20 225lbs
    Then rear delt laterals 6 sets 4 of 20 rep 2 with heavier weights then drop set
    Then I left shoulders were on fire and the counter girl was drooling over my competing friend and I and making comments turned sitting with here legs spread wide open talks about how muscles turn her on we r both married and talk about our wives all the time but she was basically wanting to b taken in the tan room and broke down lol slutty gym bunnies oh well fun to look at any way

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    Chest and biceps calves and abs holy shit I killed it today I did 4 excessive a each 6sets superset yes the 4 a time at once and then left not enough time to list but that got me nasty blown up my chest did not look natural it looked like to massive rocks with skin painted on it and veins everywhere 3d some body guessed that I weighed 255lbs today lolol I am so happy with my progress and hard ass work pays off suffering with diets pay off putting the time in to learn what works pays off never stopping staying aggressive pays off being 100% non fucking stop pays off sure there are people who do better than me but I do the best I can no natter what. I have 2 kids I work 60*hours a week I fish I hunt a lot I lift that shits me hard work pays off if u r working hard towards goals... gym off tomorrow Monday after noon legs will die

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    Exercises ^^^


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