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    Pestosterones training log.

    Never did one of these let's see if I can keep it up for a while!!!! Today is arms only but we will b hitting deadlifts. And arms and abs after cardio I'll b training 2 others who have synced up their split with mine!!! Plus I love to have extra people to move plates around for me😜💪

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    Great to see you starting the log brother.I will definitely be following along.

    Keep it going man.

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    Cool man.. I don't have a lot of time and I do my posts from My phone so some workouts may b broken up in to several posts I kind of get detailed some times I'll post up tonight's workout in the am though! But i believe I have grown in this training style that everybody should find interesting it's extremely customed to how I feel my body best reacts to training so u will notice weird patterns amidst all the changes that lead to my smaller goals along the way..

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    Last night was like an extra day. I went through my split already through out the week ahead of schedule so I did what I thought needed another session. I got off late was pressed for time but I did this workout honestly with zero breaks I did not stop moving accept to piss and fill up my water bottle. Deadlifts from the Zumba plat form is bad ally a regular dlift but the bar is almost touching the top of your foot I've been doing these alternating with regular deads on back days or legs
    So it's deep deadlifts 4 sets of 10-12 just 2 plates a side here no belt and shit just squeeze stretch and flex these
    I super set this with wide pull-ups just 8 reps 4sets
    On the last set of these I add
    Hammer grip lat pull downs 4sets of 20 once the deadlifts super sets are over I super set body weight dips with lat pulls also 4sets of 20
    Now by the end of these I was pretty winded
    Straight to Arnold curls super set with nose breakers 4sets 15- 20ish non stop no breaks
    The. To hammer curls super set with over head triceps 4sets 12 here idk why chose to use a little more weight felt good I guess
    Then straight into biceps curl machine super set with hammer strength under hand lat pulls and seated calve raise 3 sets all high reps double pumps and exaggerated squeezing and flexing throughout these movements it's important to treat each rep like its your last and contract hard in these
    Then another 3 sets of 20 lat pulls from the floor super settled with straight bar curls and hanging leg raises

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    This was well under an hour I thinknit was about a 40 minute session 💪

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    Got off work a little early had time for a quicky at the gym before I got to the lake and fuck up the large mouth population lol jk I catch and release
    Was really quick hams calves and abs today I just hit 8 sets all super setted leg curls Calve raises and backwards squats worked up to 5 plates a side this workout honestly took 15-mins maybe got a sweat going and hams pumped lungs moving air oh well, Sunday is chest day Saturday on the water will update after the lifts sunday

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    Oh also hanging leg raises 8 sets all 10-20 rep ranges today was weird in a hurry

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    Great workouts man.Very intense.

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    Yesterday was chest day and arms did bench press 4 sets off 15-20 reps drop set last set... I hate this excersiZe only do it when I have to or train with somebody. Then to incline dwell press 4sets 12-20 rep ranges I was using 100lb dbells was highest his gym had high reps I thinknis better some times anyway. Then to Arnold curls 8rep traditional each side then 8 rep hammer grip non stop a side for a set super setter with cable cross overs 4 sets good slow squeezing and contraction had a nasty pump by his time
    Then on to lower cable gross over flies laying on a slight inclined bench 4 quick high rep pump sets of these then 4 sets preacher curl machine super settled with single arm triceps push downs High reps burn it out sets then I was blown up here's a pic if it goes through
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    Looking good brother!!! Glad you are logging with us!!!


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    Thank you gym dad. It'll b back today hopefully I feel 100%today I didn't get much sleep we watched 50 shades of grey finally and she got all riled up bedroom cardio💪

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    This mornings ab check feeling skinny and flat but abs look good today I guess lol oh well the female sure r showing me a lot of special interest so I'm doing something right!!
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