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    Blast T tren Dbol deca npp

    Started from a cruise of about 200mgs T weekly and fresh great looking blood work
    Switches to test E upped dosage to 750mg weekly
    Popped 60mg dbol first week then lowered to 40mgs -5weeks just drop dbol this week
    Will add -dbol at 40 mgs for 4 weeks on 6 off
    Week 3 of cycle I start change from Monday and Thursday shots of 1.5 cc test E over to mwf shots to equal out to
    Test 750 weekly still same
    Npp 100ngs MWF = 300mgs weekly
    Deca 200mgs MWF= 600mgs weekly
    Have one other vial of npp so when it is gone I will resume dbol at 40mgs for 4weeks
    THen 6 weeks off dbol staying on the Obove 750T and 600D weekly when that 6 weeks is up I add dbol drop the deca
    I give deca 4 weeks while on dbol to leave the i add in TREn now on test and tren his is the plane I have tren E as off now but not so sure about it so I may get some ace and just hit 75mgs eod to start with lower test around 300mgs weekly tren I don't go over 150mgs eod never need that much it's magic. After all this I'll try to maintain the look with low test and mayb some masteron then cruise low test and and will b low dosing GH for all winter this is he plan unfolding now

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    Not sure how to post a pic? but im looking huge and nasty ripped 6ft 218 and bout 10% fat every1 sais im 7% at gym lol but those idiots don't know shit about reall bodybfat levels

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    Changing to prop for a few weeks 200mgs eod got a few bottles for free so imma runem them go back to enant cycle going good weight going up about .5 lbs weekly staying lean strength through the roof which

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    Just did deadlifts after squats today hit 5plates a side for 3rep last set felt good and not much strain perfect form im gonna ease up each week into the 600's if things keep going forward and smooth strength and size going up fat going down

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    Yes it's good thank you. I've hit it last 2 weeks in a row 3 reps gonna go up and see what I can do havnt had any slow reps or stalls just taking my time

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    Going back on Dbol monday so my total milligrams will b the highest they've ever been im shooting 9ccs a week and about to start dbol at 40-60mgs daily so I'm back on all enanthate 750+npp300+deca600=weekly1650 that's alot already for me is a new high high dose as I add about 300ngs weekly dbol will have me just under 2 grams for 4 weeks. Then drop the dbol

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    216lbs still some what lean dbol should have me in the low 220s Idk im doing my cardio and eating less carbs to stay tighter with all the wet drugs it would b so easy to balloon up fat and bloated. This is probobly the wettest aromatizable stack that there is with aas
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    Here update

    - - - Updated - - -

    Trying to up load recent pic at 215lbs

    - - - Updated - - -

    Busting ass in cardio started dbol 2 days ago weight loss should hault if not fuck it im getting shredded
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    Update 1weekish back in dbol

    Just 40mgs daily 6days a week I'm at the lake on Saturdays and one day skipping dbol is prolly good I don't train anyway

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh shaved my head to fuck it its hot lol
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    Dropped the npp this week and I'm just pinning 750 test 600 deca split up Monday's n Thursday's for now also popping dbol on workout days adding a little density then I'm gonna hop on the tren train. And get nasty lean honestly if I get to 8% with lower dosage of tren and mayb keep my test up to 500mgs weekly I think I would look awesome around my current weight shooting for 215 8%-6% I've never measured body fat so I have no idea where I'm at use say a solid 10 %even though I get accused of being 0% all the time lol.... Regular people have no idea about body fats


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