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    It's a good start. You got my vote! Let the rules begin!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GXR64 View Post
    Do we want to add anything for T/A and to specific of details being added? Also possibly creating alters will get you banned?
    We can. For sure we need to keep the t/a stuff and details out of the shoutbox, and creating alters will get you banned as well. I need to speak with Admin and see what he wants to do with sponsor sub-forum. We honestly need to have a rep in there to handle all the concerns.

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    that is more defined great job,now everone can see what it all about!

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    Good to see this, hopefully the minions follow the rules..

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    Some what new to site

    Im Here to learn and respect
    and follow standards
    thank you

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    Good. I"ve received a few PM's about sourcing and they were banned. Keep up the good work. It's all about safety, respect, knowledge, and GETTIN IN SHAPE...haha

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    Bump-ity Bump
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    I'm new and thanks for the post brotha people need to follow and especially read rules

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    I concur, I am a new member and have common sense.... I noticed how many members commented here and are "BANNED", they can read but not follow directions. LOL
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    Please, New Members, do a search before u start a new Thread - we are having alot of redundant posts.

    Definition of REDUNDANT;
    a : exceeding what is necessary or normal : superfluous
    b : characterized by or containing an excess; specifically : using more words than necessary
    c : characterized by similarity or repetition <a group of particularly redundant brick buildings>
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