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    First of all, GREAT article. Very informative and detailed and I really appreciate it. This may be a newbie type question, and my hope is that it's not covered somewhere else. You talk about one's "natural max". What is the best way to determine where you are in relation to that max? I am planning on running my first cycle sometime this year, probably at the start of the 4th quarter. My biggest reservation is whether or not I need it. At what point does your body need help?

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    Bump for those in need.

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    I'm fortunate that I'm on TRT, in the fact that blood work is mandatory every 3 months. I'm 38, and my BP and all bloodwork are always spot on (even though my test levels go above 1000 at times and my doc wants me around 600). I haven't taken my first cycle yet, but intend to be pretty responsible and conservative. When I was 32 my health was pitiful, I was extremely overweight, terrible blood problems of all kinds. (I was a drug addict 17 years nonstop, my health was "near death" and got worse when I quit meth, I've been hundred percent clean 5 years last month) I reversed ALL those terrible physical ailments (with my wife training along side) with hard training and good nutritional choices.

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    Its great to hear that you beat your addiction brother.You have accomplished what unfortunately,so many are unable to do.Applause to you for your strength.

    Also glad to hear you are doing things the right way and taking it slow into it.Even at your age,,there is still no rush and also plenty of chances to do damage to yourself,even greater the older you get so doing things right matters.

    Good luck brother.I and many others are here if you need anything along the way.

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    Amazing stuff FIST, as always. I am literally going to use this as the basis for all my cycles. Really, this is a bundle of knowledge and I appreciate this stuff a ton.
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    Awesome!!! It's a pleasure being part of this forum. A good thing to help one another.. Awesome!!!

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    Bump for those in need.

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    Going give you a Bump for an amazing post!
    Thank you for the knowledge


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