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    Cycles--Newbie to Advanced

    Cycles--Newbie to Advanced

    Here are some examples of cycles for you all.


    Relatively moderate doses of gear can get you fairly large and somewhat above your natural maximum level of developement, or that level of muscular developement that can be held to with your own natural T production, but only IF you train, eat and sleep well.

    For the average guy of average height 5'9-10", with average bone structure and with genetically typical recuperative powers that means about 190-195 lean pounds in body weight and a bench of 275-300 pounds, full squat of 375-400 pounds and about a 500 pound deadlift.

    The further above your natural max the more gear you need to see continued progression. The increasing amounts of gear needed does NOT grow in proportion to your increase in body mass. For example, many men can get to 10 pounds above natural max with as little as 250mg of test per gain 10% more weight above this number does NOT require just 10% more requires a fair bit more. So to get to say 30- or 40 pounds above your natural max requires a lot of gear.

    So the amount of gear you need to use depends mostly on how close you are to your natural max, or how far above you are from your natural max.

    *Larger doses done at a low body weight do make gains a little faster but it isn't worth the money and or sides in my opinion...and the "faster" isn't that much faster anyway.


    250mg of test cyp provides over twice the weekly testosterone that a young man produces for you guys that are not at your natural max you can gain well WITHOUT gear, if you know how to train without gear, or gain very well with low to moderate doses of steroids.

    100mg of cyp provides about 70mg of pure testosterone(minus ester weight)

    Testes produce between 4 and 8 mg of testosterone a day....that's only 28 to about 70mg a week! you can see why 250 of cyp/week(175mg of pure test) can bring you to a little above your natural max, which is actually a pretty impressive level of developement.

    NOVICE CYCLES AND GEAR CHOICE...those men not yet at their natural max.

    Best to take single roids when you start out, and preferably testosterone for two reasons#1. you don't need to stack to see good results and #2. it is a good idea to get a good grasp on how you react to the best single hormone out there...testosterone( in the gains department and sides department)

    Any roid taken alone can produce decent results but only four are really worth your while in this regard....#1 Testosterone, #2. D-bol #3. Anadrol and #4 tren. Personally I don't like anadrol since a high mg dose is required in order to see best results and this means a lot of liver toxic 17aa compound is ingested.....although for the short cycle it is "okay".

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    CYCLE #1

    Understanding that few want to take as little as 250 of test a week and most want to see gains as rapidly as possible I will then recommend 400-500mg of testosterone cypionate or enanthate per week for the newbie. DURATION 8-12 weeks with an equal time off.

    **** Always have an estrogen blocker available like nolvadex at 20mg/day or at least clomid at 50mg/day...nolva works better though

    You get the most even blood level by injecting these esters twice a 200-250mg twice a week will be more than enough.

    SHORT CYCLE OPTION 4-6 weeks but with test prop at 100mg every other day....lots of shots though.

    PLEASE see my post on "Keeping GAINS from Steroids" for info on post cycle therapy and how to keep your gains from a cycle.
    PLEASE see my post on SHORT CYCLES for info on how to do short cycles properly.

    ALSO..test is test bro's... test sust is fine too although too expensive compaired with cyp and enanthate.


    Test @ 500mg/week 12 weeks & D-bol at 30mg/day in 4 divided dose and one just before bed for 4 weeks.
    The only roid that is better than test IN THE SHORT RUN is d-bol...a truly UNREAL steroid and a favorite for over 40 years. D-bol was discovered way back in 1956 and quickly became a favorite of the pro's. D-bol only cycles work VERY WELL so don't let anyone BS you about them. They have been done by many over the last 45 years.

    Nolva on hand.

    * limit time "on' d-bol to 6 weeks as it is 17aa and can be hard on the liver.

    MYTH:..some say that the gains from d-bol do not last...this is BS....the truth is the gains IN WATER from d-bol don't last so it SEEMS lilke the muscle gains don't last. Any steroid taken at bodybuilding doses, even at newbie doses, is going to shut down HPTA all the way so you can see that this "loss of muscular gains" ideation makes no sence.

    NOTE: There is one steroid that is quite mild androgenically but seems to result in delayed HPTA recovery IN SOME(not me btw) and it is not is nandrolone, commonly used in the deconate ester(DECA) We don't understand why some bro's have a little trouble recuperating from this roid but it is a fact non the less.

    CYCLE #3.

    Test cyp or enanthate at 400-500mg/week for 8-12 weeks AND d-bol 30mg/day in divided dose for the first 4 weeks. This is a powerful combo indeed. The d-bol really gets things moving in a hurry.
    Trouble with this stack is that you are going to experience a good deal of water retention and"bloat". An estrogen inhibitor like arimidex at .5-1mg/day might be a good idea....but now it is getting overly complicated for many novices.

    Short cycle option....test prop 100mg every other day and d-bol 30mg/day for 4-6 weeks.

    Have nolva on hand for sure! Estrogen inhibitors DO NOT work well for gyno protection...USE an estrogen blocker like nolva.

    CYCLE #4 for the "gutsy" newbie

    Test at 400mg/week and tren a 75mg every other day. Really good stack but it requires a lot of injecting so you better get your research done in this regard. Can do it shot the short cycle too.

    CYCLE #5.

    A classic again...test @500mg 12 wks & /deca at 300mg for 10 wks

    CYCLE #6

    yet another proven winner...Deca at 400mg/week for 10 weeks,test @ 600mg/wk for 12 wks and d-bol 30mg/day for 4 weeks....really nice synergistic combo here.

    After each cycle take at least an equal time "off" from gear to allow your system to fully normalize.

    A word or two on deca....deca has beengiven a "bad rap" of late....some really bash this excellent anabolic. They say is it converts to progesterone, gives you gyno, kills your libido, and it's hard to recover from.....WELL>>>here are the real fact on DECA

    #1. Deca DOES NOT convert to a progestin and activates the PR more so than most roids.
    #2. It almost never causes gyno at moderate dose.
    #3. Some guys have a hard time recovering from deca. We don't know why this is really but many guys do not have a hard time recovering from and most of my clients included.
    #4. Yes it can affect libido since it doesn't provide the needed androgen BUT it almost never does at 400mg/week....and if it does then as little as 100mg of test/week will cure that.

    All in all it's an excellent roid and will be just fine for a first cycle and as I said ...if your sex drive drops then add a little test to the mix or proviron.

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    Test at 400-750mg/week(or less) and tren at 75mg/day...UNREAL STACK and simply the best there is. This is all that the intermediate needs!

    ******** In fact dare I say that you can accomplish ANY goal as a bodybuilder with just these two roids(along with growth and slin as you hit the national level)

    The following is the F.I.S.T. all time favorite cycle and use this as my exclusive cycle these days.

    My all time favorite advanced stack is a simple one, but also the best IMHO, and that is Test at a gram/week,eq or deca @ 750mg/week plus tren at 75mg/day with 1mg of arimidex/day.I kick start with drol @ 50mg ed for the first 4-6 wks or sometimes add Prop at 100mg ed.If you can't grow with this cycle no matter how long you've been training then you're doing something seriously wrong! I never go less than a 20 wkr now a days and usually bridge in between cycles.When I do cycle off,I run the normal pct with Nolva/Clomid.Now that im older I will run HCG @ 100iu's ed throughout my cycle since my natural hormone production has decreased so much and recovery is that much harder.

    All time favorite short cycle, advanced, is 50 of d-bol/day and 75 of tren/day and 100 of prop a day with 1mg of arimidex/day for 4-6 weeks.

    For pre contest cutting the last few weeks before a show I have done very well with tren at 75mg/day and a small dose of prop.

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    Ur a wealth of knowledge and I just can't give you enough credit for taking ur time to give me great advice and I believe that there's a big problem with people who run all kinds of crazy gear and they don't possess the knowledge to be healthy I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda scared to take gear and that's just respect for the game u play I've ran 1cc a week@250 mgs for 10 weeks and I never got blood work really shouldn't have taken it quality vet Mexican gear but I had decent results not cause gear cause the diet and discipline in my training luckily I was in my 30s but it's just lucky that I didn't ruin my natural test prod and I'm learning and ok to put the work in to see real results

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    My pleasure justin james.I live my life seeking to learn something new everyday.No matter how old you get or how much you've learned,you should always be looking to expand your knowledge at all times.

    As for respecting gear,thats absolutely what everyone needs to do and always be as safe as possible with it.But also always remember that AAS are only a SUPPLEMENT to a good DIET and TRAINING in addition to healthy lifestyle choices.Far too many put all their focus on the gear and disregard all others factors,which is foolish and unsafe to say the least.

    Now as for the blood work,its always a good idea to regularly have blood work done.You always want to know where your body is at so you can make needed changes if and when the time comes.PREVENTION is always better than treatment so you always want to know if something may be happening to you BEFORE it does so you can fix the problem thats causing it.Regular blood work will help you do just that.

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    Blood work will cost the average person in US around 50$ for a simple hormone panel of ldl Hdl cholesterols estrogen e2 test liver hemorcrit all that is well worth 50$ helps u sleep at night especially if u have a family u owe it to them and your self blood work is the only way of knowing if u r good or not period. Good advises here...^^^^by FIST

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    Yes sir Pestosterone,there is no excuse for not getting blood work done.Very affordable and even if its not,if you can afford to cycle,then you can afford to get the necessary blood work done to make sure your always in the best of health.

    Thanks for the input man.

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    I'm getting bloods done Saturday morning how long until I should GET blood work done when taking gear??

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    Quote Originally Posted by justin james View Post
    I'm getting bloods done Saturday morning how long until I should GET blood work done when taking gear??
    Got another panel done everything is a ok running gp andro mix 1ml eod that's 150mg tren ace week150mg test prop week and 150mg mast week. Got several vials 4 weeks in dropped 20lbs pure fat this is amazing and I'm just going low dose.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1437071597343.jpg 
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ID:	6192Click image for larger version. 

Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1437071625721.jpg 
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Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1437071675149.jpg 
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ID:	6194. First 2 pics new 3rd pick was holding a lot of fat and water wasn't dieting

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    Thats awesome progress man.You're doing great brother.

    Stick with it.


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