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    Question about oil consistency in Test Cypionate

    My last Cycle was about 8 years ago.....I just received Biomex test cyp and deca ( napgear) and it seems a bit "watery" and clear, I am used to the thick yellowish oil that was the stuff I used years ago. Is the new generation gear being mixed in a lighter or different oil base?

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    Yes sir, welcome to the next generation of gear. Now days there are a whole new selection of carriers. MCT oils and EO. For most people, these oils disperse much faster..don't feel like it "sits" in the muscle for as many days and can be injected with smaller gauge pins.
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    Thank you NLN....just was a bit puzzled because of my prior experience with use of product and that the picture of the gear anywhere on the internet, as well as on the site I bought gear from, shows label a little different and the oil to be a bit yellow.

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    Good to know. I was wondering the same thing.

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