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    Dragon Pharma

    I have always used Geneza but have seen some good reviews on Dragon Pharma. Prices are good but I noticed the price for EQ was $33 but when I clicked on it the price was $55. Ask online help but didn't get a response. Anyone notice that or know what the correct price is.

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    $33 per vail is what you'll pay if you buy (30) vails at once. It's bulk pricing.
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    Hey Bro,

    The price you see there is for the (30) pack of EQ. Its broken down into different tiers by quantity that you order from 55 to 33 in 5 vial increments.
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    I think that's annoying the way they have that. Who the fuck orders 30 bottles of shit. And why would that be the price they show instead of the single bottle price. Just my opinion

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    I see that now. Good thing that I wasn't reading something important. LOL


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