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    Add weight to your ab exercises

    Hey guys I want to bring up an issue I've seen so many times. People only using bodyweight resistance on their abs. Abs like other muscle groups require a work overload to grow. I find the15-20 rep range to be most effective for me. Too much weight feels like too much strain so I wouldn't try a 5rm or anything.

    *more to be added later as I will link articles and vids but cant do so because im on a ps4 system*

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    I don't want thick abs so I don't add any weight to my ab routine. Then again I only work my abs in the spring and summer.
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    Personally for me I don't use any weight when doing abs. Like Mr. Big I don't want thick abs just toned ones and seem to be just fine with basic legs raises and such. I don't do any upper ab exercises just lower abs which seems to keep my waist small.

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    Ah shit... i knew i was forgetting something in my routine.... good thing my squats and deadlifts do all the ab conditioning i need

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    That's good! You just remind me of something...

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    Id like to push this up again ,

    Beoing the Avo support guy for the US , I recommend this tester all the time , but would really like to have the Avo protocol added , as do many of the folks I recommend this to


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