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    Beginner oral methan 50 + proviron

    Hi, I am new to roids and have opted for the naps gear pre designed oral stack of methan 50 and proviron run for 6 weeks. Thoughts and will I need PCT any recommendations? Cheers (I am 25)

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    I would buy some extra proviron and methandrostenolone (d-bol) to be able to "play" with the doses and cycle length. Better also buy Liv52 or Milk Thistle to protect your liver. Start slowly with the d-bol and work your way up wiyh 5 mg/day until you reached your max of 50 mg/day. Devide it over 4-5 portion since it has a short half-life (some take the last part before sleep). Some manage to control sides like bloat with 50 mg Proviron, some take it at it at 75-100 mgs per day. Also don't be afraid to drop the Dianabol - methandrostenolone - down to 30mg a day if you start feeling some sides for a few days then you can bump it back up.

    You can take the proviron for an other week or two after you stopped the methandrostenolone. Others swear by Proviron/nolvadex as PCT. Keep a blog here to let us know.

    Remember.. roids are a (chemical) aid, your progress comes from commitment ... eat like a horse, sleep like a dog and work-out like an animal

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    Great info Ronny!!
    Hardcore (labs) 2 the bone

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    Great info
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    I am also. I got mine from naps also and on day 4. All i can say for now is the pumps are amazing. I was taking 30mg all on the morning but I'm going to space it out like you guys say, as it has a short half life.

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    This stuff is amazing and potent noting is under dosed. I have had no issue with the winny or dbol I'm getting mad results using these two as a combination I highly recommend it

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