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    Naps Tren Help

    Hello, I have used naps twice and had great results. I have done test/dbol cycle and had great results. I would like to try Tren I'm assuming it's on point with the rest of the gear. I had myself about ready to order then I came across some horror stories from this stuff. I am wondering if there any things out there to help with the side effects. Mainly the one I am concerned about is the bedroom problems. I have not had any bad side effects from the test/dbol other than some acne, but from what I understand tren is much much stonger. Anyway before I ramble any further any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Try it out and see how it works with u. My sex drive was fine and I saw great results using tren e@ 300mg/wk with test e @ 500mg/wk. Sides are real. . night sweats and rough nights sleep and acne is what I felt with. But I saw abs for the first time after 6 weeks. I was thrilled.

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    Tren is a whole new level of steroid when it comes to side effects. Key is to keep dose low. If you have libido issues, have caber on hand. It'll help to turn things around
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    Definitely a new level of side effects. Always start low to make sure you respond well to it.
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