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    chickenlegs hardgainer

    Almost everyone has a favorite muscle group they like to train and develop best. For most of the new or young builders this is the biceps/arms. Why is this, probably because strong arms and especially the flexed biceps is the summum of showing your strength. On the other hand, most people also have a muscle group they don’t like to train. And mostly that is legs.

    Developing oak tree legs asks a lot of dedication and hard work. Training the legs wears you out and is often very painful, moreover most people don’t consider muscular legs as "sexy" as the biceps. They are often covered up and no eye catcher as fully pumped arms.

    Legs often don’t react as quickly on training as other muscle groups they demand much more time consuming efforts. That’s why many people avoid them and then blame their lagging leg muscles on the fact that they don’t have the “right genetics” and that they “don’t respond well on the heavy squatting.”

    Let’s make one thing clear, if you don’t train all bodyparts or train the lagging bodyparts extra, you will create a misbalance. That doesn’t look exactly nice now, does it?

    So this blogpost is to those who do not train legs AT ALL!! Just because one day training legs is a day of biceps curls missed! But I bet that girls must be turned off by someone who has huge arms and shoulders yet legs like a 12 year old boy!
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    I will admit to being guilty of this when I started.

    I wanted to be massive, of course, but--again--of course, all I trained was chest and biceps.

    And more chest and biceps.

    I did eventually figure things out, but, I spent a lot of time training the wrong way.
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