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    Best steroids for strength with minimal mass gains

    Hey guys
    First off thanks to all who offer advice on this forum. I sincerely appreciate it.

    I've never taken a real cycle before. about 10 years ago I tried prohormones because I was an idiot and didn't know anything. I've been on this forum for the past year trying to learn.

    I understand as a beginner test-enanth is a good way to go. My goals however are not to put on much more weight, but to increase my strength and alter my body composition. Are there certain types of steroids that would allow me to gain significant strength gains without putting on 20 lbs (i.e, Equipoise?)? If there are, are these compounds not advised for beginners? Finally, if I go on a 3 month cycle of eneanthate at 200 lbs roughly 15% body fat, how much weight can i expect to put on?

    thanks in advance, I appreeciate the insight


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    Tren and Halo are a few that increase your strength without weight (powerlifters use these type AAS).
    But these are not generally used by beginners.
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