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    Oral Turinabol

    The easiest way to explain this drug is that it is a derivative of Dianabol. Though it is a derivative of our old friend Diana, it’s still quite different...remember, Equipoise is esterified Dianabol, and really has nothing in common with it, in terms of real-world-effects. Let’s examine Oral Turinabol in relation to D-bol for now, though. The first similarity between the two is that they have both been 17-alpha-alkylated (a carbon atom was added at the 17th position) to survive the first pass through the liver. This, of course, increases hepatoxicity (liver toxicity). Oral Turinabol has a much lower level of androgenic activity compared to dianabol, but a better balance/ratio of anabolic and androgenic effects. It has a rating of a 0 (according to the Vida reference) for androgenic properties and a 53 for anabolic properties based on a score of 100 each for testosterone. This promotes more of a "hard" look, of what competition bodybuilders often call "quality" muscle. You do not get the same "puffy" look as you would on d-bol, and many people have thus compared the results they’ve gotten from Oral Turinabol to Anavar. Actually, though, this stuff is simply dianabol with a 4-chloro alteration, the same alteration found in Clostebol.

    Due to this 4-chloro substitution in the A-Ring of its Steran Nucleus, this drug cannot be aromatized. This is, as you know, quite beneficial and is one of the reasons Oral Turinabol has been called a "gentle d-bol" You will probably not get any typical estrogenic side effects like water retention, acne, gyno, etc, at any dose of this drug.
    A couple of studies I read examining male athletes over a period of six weeks were given 10 mg Oral Turinabol/day did not show any indications of health-threatening effects. It has been recommended that men should take between 20-40mg every day and women a 5mg every day, and I generally think that it is not very strong (as compared to many other orals) and wouldn’t drop below the 40mg mark if I were to use it personally. It may perhaps be used in low(er) doses if it is simply being used for its ability to reduce SHBGs binding (1) to other steroids. In this respect, it may have synergy with other drugs, since it has the ability to reduce SHBG and thus free up more testosterone for use in your body.

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    Before contest better oral t or winstrol tabs or together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beatricia2 View Post
    Before contest better oral t or winstrol tabs or together.
    Only Oral Turinabol is enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by smithdaewon View Post
    Only Oral Turinabol is enough
    Why not winny?


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