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    1st cycle plz help

    week 1-8 test cyp 500mg/week
    week 1-10 EQ 400mg/week
    week 7-12 winstrol 50mg/Everyday
    week 9-12 test prop 150mg/EOD
    week 1-12 arimidex 1mg/EOD

    im 196 5'11" 25yrs old and i want to harden up my winter gains. I'm about 9-11%bf just want more vasularity and size and a grainier look.
    my diet is clean

    oh also if cycle looks good i wanted to kick start it with
    week 1-4 dbol 30mg/Everyday

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    Its a good looking cycle, but your first should always be test only, so I would drop the EQ. Also for a low dose test cycle you'll be fine with .5mg of adex like three times a week(M,W,F) As far as dbol kickstart, no problem there. I see your ending with prop last few weeks, if you're interested in trying EQ or another compound, I suggest you run prop for the whole cycle for just like 8 weeks, that way its test only plus at 8 weeks you can get on and off within 4-5 months and be able to start a second cycle with a second compound. Even at a low dose of anything, test will always be your base, so its a good idea to see how you react to it alone. Plus theprop will kick in qquickly so you won't need a kickstart. Especially if your wanting to harden 4 weeks of winny at the end will be better suited
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    So your saying for the first time only go test?

    I've seen a HRT Group and have been on clomid 50mg EOD and arimidex 1mg EOD and my test levels went from 700 to 2100.
    During my cycle I'm assuming I should stop the clomid untill my PCT?
    And assuming I do a test only cycle how long did you think it should last, and how long after untill I can boss up and do a big boy cycle?

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    I think you should do:
    week 1-12 500mg Test (C or E) split into two shots per week
    week 1-5 Dbol (30-40mg) per day
    week 1-14 arimidex or aromasin (dosage will depend on sides, but def take an ai throughout cycle)
    week 14-18 Nolvadex for pct. (40/20/20/20)
    perfect first cycle, eat clean and you will get clean gains and it will tighten you up. however, if you eat like shit you could put on a lot of water weight with this cycle. Imo, I think you should bulk at 9-11% body fat and worry about cutting in the beginning of summer. I don't think you should waste your first cycle on cutting due to the fact your receptors are so fresh...take advantage of it!
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    I agree with these guys. No need to run several different compounds. You'll make tremendous progress with just test or test and an oral kick start. I've recently heard a good analogy. If you have a headache and asprin will cure the issue, taking Advil and Tylenol isn't going to cure it that much better.

    I also agree with Herc, and like his cycle outline. you have the chance to make some of your best gains on your first cycle and that would be much better suited to trying to add mass verses cut it down. If you are cutting, you aren't going to be able to eat enough cals to really make use of what the gear can do for you. Sure some gear can make you look harder when you diet down, but the main goal of gear on a diet is to hold on to your gains while you cut. If you have made all your gains naturally, you'll have an easier time holding onto them cutting naturally.

    BTW, nice pic in the avatar. Looks like you have a good base. I'm sure you could make some sizable gains if you decide to run some gear. Be aware that if you are already having issues with your test naturally, running a cycle might have a bigger impact on your recovery than someone who wasn't already having problems

    Oh and yes, no need to run clomid while on cycle
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    Thanks guys!! Sounds good, just curious the recommended time to wait between cycles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewhead222 View Post
    Thanks guys!! Sounds good, just curious the recommended time to wait between cycles.
    ? What? UR supposed to wait between cycle's??... Just kidding - rule of thumb - time"ON" + PCT = (Minimum) Time "OFF".

    I like to see people come off get back to feeling good + Natty (Of course good Bloods) + feel like they made some progress B4 going "ON" again + have a plan.
    Don't just come off feel like shit for 2 months then hit it again. But I do believe in Planning 2 to 3 cycles (aprx 1yr) @ a time though.

    like Sam said, nice solid base 222 (can't see the wheels though?) + be careful ur only 25.
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    I have always been a fan of Test/Dbol or Test/Winny as a easy 1st cycle,the only problem though is Winny can make your knees hurt since it dries you out.

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    Brother go with what Herc has laid out. You have a great base there and your body fat % is good so you will get jacked up on a test only cycle with a dbol kicker for first 4-5 weeks. Eat right and train hard and you will be amazed.
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    Haha trust me I'm def working my ass off in them, but my legs aren't shit to brag about. I can bench 385 but struggle to squat 275. I've always been super top heavy but I'm training harder than ever and their growing slowly but surely

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