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  1. Your not consuming large amounts of alcohol, the...

    Your not consuming large amounts of alcohol, the alcohol actually changes a little too as it bonds to the amino acids, just 30 or 60 drops throughout the day.
  2. I read a study where red bell peppers promote...

    I read a study where red bell peppers promote healing this preparation is chemically balanced and highly absorbable. Thanks for your interest.
  3. working the thighs for penis enhancement

    If your a man and been to the gym it's inevitable that you've over looked the thigh machines or laughed at them but there is a good reason to working your thighs on these. The thigh machine pumps...
  4. hulk hogans swinging behavior makes him poor

    I heard the hulkster is going to be reduced to glutamine loading now because of his n word porn movie scandal no more designer sups if he cleans pools he can afford creatine too ...monohydrate
  5. herbal witchhazel ointment for perfect skin

    This is good for streach marks and keeping perfect skin.

    Get some witchhazel add a tea bag of chamomile, peppermint, lemon grass, green tea or whatever skin herb you want. Let it sit until...
  6. healing tincture with red bell peppers

    Red bell peppers have the amazing ability to heal tendon and muscle injuries.

    Juice a cup or more of red bell peppers, add in baking soda till reaction stops, add in an equal ratio of alcohol to...
  7. how to make Amino tintures, highly concentrated aminos

    Amino tinctures are a great way to save money and feed your muscles with highly concentrated amino acids. You can reuse the powder you extract from up to 40x. I use micronized aminos to make my...
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    building muscle for beginners

    When your first starting out or have no muscle shreading muscle with lactic acid is your worst enemy. Whey protien and glutamine are useless.
    Basically what you want to do is find a weight you can...
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    need someone to try this

    I theorized a great way to make steroids reuptake and absorb better with the additive of injectible aminos.

    Prepare 4 tbsp amino acid per cup of isopropyl or whatever alcohol. Let it sit for 4...
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    new membie

    My name is schuyler im into biochemistry and making my own supplements. Im mentally ill now and can't lift. I used to love it but life sucks for people sometimes.
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