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    Hello OP, since i come from india and turmeric...

    Hello OP, since i come from india and turmeric being a very common herb found here, i guess its fitting that i answer your questions.
    1. Its a mindblowing anti inflammatory substance.
    2. It boost...
  2. Need to have an idea of calories i am burning during workout.

    I will keep it to the point. I workout 4 days a week, morning hours, take 6-7 almonds and 6 walnut kernel halves around 30-40 mins before my workouts.
    Take a look on my schedule and will explain the...
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    Hey people I am Ankur

    Hello people, Ankur here, new to the forum, but have been working out and managing diet since past one year. I eat healthy and cook all of my food myself for better control over nutrition. Will...
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