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    @shirlsguy! You are a good person. You are...

    @shirlsguy! You are a good person. You are positive and supportive to everybody including myself. Even with age putting you at a huge advantage, you never complain. You are still doing great, showing...
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    Why i despise of the weasel partridge!

    Instead of tying up the message board I have decided to just dedicate a thread to the parasite who just refuses to go away. I am referring to Sean Partridge. The little fella with the small man...
  3. @loststorm...If we were back in college Naps mite...

    @loststorm...If we were back in college Naps mite have been expelled for plagiarism! Lmfao. When you said that you forwarded my input, I called bullshit. Sure enough.... I had absolutely NO idea that...
  4. Project get shredded...not project kicked out of the chat box!

    First off I would like to thank @loststorm for acknowledging that my idea helped re-shape this contest.
    Now lets get down to business. I think that we have a mis-conception of what I am saying...
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    Pgs voting format needs to be changed

    Let me begin by saying I fully encourage and support everybody who entered the PGS contest this year and is legitimately participating and working towards a goal. This thread does NOT apply to you...
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