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  1. Newbie Week 2 update and thought/feelings thus far...-

    Hey all,
    Newbie here again! Just a few lines this week to let you all know how week 2 is progressing and thoughts/feelings so far on the journey. So, as week 2 draws to a close and my body...
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    Hi Carpenter, Just to help out, I have just...

    Hi Carpenter,
    Just to help out, I have just ordered and received my first order from Naps, and yes I was full of anxiety about the whole process and ordering, wondering if it would turn up at all,...
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    Newbie saying "Hello!"

    Hey all....
    First time on forums and first time experimenter he he. My name is Lee and I am on my 2nd week of my very first cycle, yep, made it through the anxiety stage of my first...
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