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New 13-10, 09:23
@Primetime1 I'd eat the south end of a north bound mule right now!
New 13-10, 05:09
Queda P.O.W. That’s all! Lmfao
New 13-10, 05:09
Just wanted to say that I am fucking starving like an Al
New 12-10, 22:44
anyone here heard of tsg labs?
New 07-10, 14:24
hey dumb question sorry: currently on a 250 per 10 ml test cyp and been going for 10 weeks while i wait for PCT> will clomid 50 50mg tabd and tamoxifen 20mg 50 tabs be enough for my PCt? or is this overkill for cyp?
New 02-10, 15:13
Running out of supplements right before the end of contest and I ordered to late I think my supplements will arrive right after the contest finishes. Lol, I messed that part up.
New 02-10, 15:09
We are getting so close to the end of this contest. So close I can taste it and feel it. Nice!!!
New 02-10, 15:08
Good Morning
New 02-10, 07:37
New 01-10, 14:54
Hey everyone!
New 29-09, 02:18
How's it going Frank?
New 28-09, 12:43
Good morning folks!
New 28-09, 12:43
@i9Gregory96 please keep AAS chat out of the chatbox thank you! Please make a post in the Learning Cycle or Logs sections!
New 27-09, 00:41
so iv never done a cycle before iv been doing research on everything but not much out there whats the best to start with (cycle wise)
New 26-09, 07:28
Well, it is a new week and we move forward, getting so close! If I could just have a good dump, will get this week's photos uploaded, but diet change has me backed up so badly.... should I do LOL? It don't feel like LOL time.
New 26-09, 04:31
head space my friend. Best Wishes!
New 26-09, 04:31
you update your profile for a few weeks. I also have to agree that I think missing one week might be acceptable but missing two consecutive weeks is grounds for immediate disqualification in my own personal opinion. Sorry and hope you get to a better
New 26-09, 04:29
@Illuminari - Even I have to agree that seemed way out of left field and little out of character for you. I'm a fan of yours and you were definitely motivating up until now. I kept checking out your profile weekly and hoping you were ok as I didn't see
New 26-09, 00:47
Has anyone used tsg. Products
New 25-09, 16:25
Some of these guys just see the votes and instantly want to start talking crazy for absolutely NO reason. Well I have absolutely NO tolerance for the disrespect. And neither should anybody else. I sincerely wish everybody the best!
New 25-09, 16:18
I have said this countless times and I will repeat it again. There are some serious competitors in this contest! There are SEVERAL PPL that can beat me! SEVERAL. At NO time did I EVER claim to be the best, number 1, or anything else of that nature! Never!
New 25-09, 16:15
Don’t worry…. I know the answer! It’s simple… he was just another backstabbing snake in the grass period! Even writes… workout…”easy 30k”. Like he is competing with some middle school kids. Lmao. Turns out that the Bowflex extreme workout plan failed him!
New 25-09, 16:10
So now that we have established that I actually voted for the guy, left positive comments for him, and NEVER spoke a bad word about the dude…..why in the fuck would he turn around and specifically call me out for absolutely NO legitimate reason??
New 25-09, 16:06
But what most ppl don’t understand is that it gets old real fast when ppl are talking shit out of hatred and jealousy. That was a great example. I ACTUALLY VOTES FOR ILLUMINARI every week but he stopped updating and never voted for me or anybody!
New 25-09, 16:02
I will also admit that it mite give ppl the wrong perception of me. But in all reality I always try to be positive and encourage others. It’s literally part of the job when training others.
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