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New 27-05, 00:31
sam1976, yes it has been a long time, good to see you back bother.
New 21-10, 04:00
Anyone can PM me any time, I may not post, but I'm here 3-4 times a day.
New 21-10, 03:58
What's going on that your saying this forum has issues, I've been around and haven't seen any issues...
New 24-03, 00:49
Hell yeah!!!!
New 12-02, 11:12
Guys read the rules before ya post, I'm gonna start banning you guys if it keeps up!
New 04-01, 10:11
PM me manhand
New 01-01, 19:08
the rule of thumb is how ever long the cycle...thats how long you stay off, so your cycle was 10 weeks, then wait 10 weeks before going back on.
New 30-12, 21:14
Anavar is a very weak steoid, mainly for women.
New 06-12, 21:56
It's the country of origin that is creating the delays.
New 23-11, 03:31
buckrogers, how about Clen and T3
New 15-11, 11:07
jjuiceman, do a search here, there's a ton of info on first cycles.
New 12-11, 11:54
I would dose it the same way.
New 08-11, 15:27
Sethmerck1, You will need to do a Testosterone with it.
New 06-11, 13:56
TestAaron, good to go.
New 05-11, 16:27
TestAaron, You haven't broke any rules so don't worry about it, your good brother.
New 05-11, 16:20
Not many guys on this time of year, time to train hard! Don't break the rules and you'll never have to see "READ THE RULES"
New 04-11, 13:48
This isn't Amazon brother!
New 03-11, 12:15
asot34, yes the shipping is slow, but this is there busy season so be patient, it will come.
New 22-10, 02:50
Guys start a thread, the chat box is for general chat
New 08-10, 16:41
Hey guy's I haven't been around all last week, was on vacation, but I'm back and will try and catch up on all PM's
New 29-09, 00:46
franko, Start a thread, you'll get more responses.
New 24-09, 13:44
@ yocheese,
New 21-09, 20:15
Gam_Boa, Your chances are better getting banned, see you when you come back.
New 16-09, 16:15
If anyone would like to watch the 2017 Mr. Olympia, you can catch it here:
New 16-09, 16:14
Yup still here brother
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