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New 01-09, 22:40
Has anyone had a problem with western union not allowing money transfers to Ukraine for Naps orders?
New 20-03, 17:30
Vote GP Phenyl for Product of the week! Please and thank you
New 03-10, 23:11
Has anyone tried running a lower prop/higher NPP cycle, like 100 prop 150 NPP EOD? I've been reading that it is safer than previously thought
New 02-10, 00:59
Thinking about a Prop/NPP run at 150 each every MWF for 7 weeks. Yes or too short?
New 20-09, 17:14
Can we get some votes for Dragon Pharma Test 400 for POTW on Naps. Please and thank you
New 16-09, 23:11
Has anyone tried Pharmacom gear from Naps?
New 24-09, 12:57
GP Test E votes please!!!!!
New 21-09, 21:12
please vote GP Test E or C for PRoduct if the week!!!!
New 16-09, 16:22
has anyone tried QD labs gear from Naps?
New 16-09, 14:05
is there a problem with geneza products from naps right now?
New 23-02, 09:43
good morning bros, its LEG DAY, my favorite
New 19-02, 01:22
whats up guys, quick question, at around what bodyfat % do you start seeing good separation in your quads
New 10-01, 20:41
im hoping to see like 183-185@6-7% at the end of next cycle.
New 10-01, 20:39
forgot to measure thighs
New 10-01, 20:39
things are coming along mrbig, i had my old lady take measurements today, im sitting at 176@8-9%, arms finally hit 17inches( that was immediately after arm workout with a pump though, calves are 17.5
New 10-01, 20:13
not sure, not even sure if its actually valid or a rumor
New 10-01, 15:45
well supposedly naps will be back up under the domain in a couple days
New 10-01, 12:12
has anyone recieved any emails about new site domain?
New 10-01, 11:19
still no naps?
New 09-01, 23:49
i hope naps is up and running tomorrow. i have an order pending. im pumped to try the GP superdrol i ordered
New 09-01, 23:39
i think i like it so much because even if you half ass leg day. you still feel like you worked your ass off. usually im using the handrail goimg down the stairs afyer every leg workout. lil
New 09-01, 23:34
its funny after doing our 6 sets of squats my partner always say "we done" and im like "fuck no" lol
New 09-01, 23:31
its weird i have to almost bribe myself to do arms, but drool for leg day to come
New 09-01, 23:30
i meant PR
New 09-01, 23:29
sounds good. i never use wraps. only a couple times trying a new PB
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