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New 14-04, 22:22
Whats up JM family.Been a long time but F.I.S.T. is back!
New 14-04, 16:33
I am an ex college athlete looking to lose a bunch of weight and get lean. What stack/cycle should I use? I’m new to this.
New 08-04, 10:12
I ordered my BA water from Walmart website
New 08-04, 10:11
Just another quick shout out to NAPS for another successful order
New 07-04, 15:48
you can buy bacteriostatic water online anywhere even ebay just give it a search
New 07-04, 05:20
Also anybody know where i can get some bacteriostatic water?
New 07-04, 04:37
New 02-04, 19:29
Hey guys! New here with a lot of research. Female, 24 years old, been lifting for 3-4 years. Looking at my first Var cycle. Start with 10mg/day, but was looking at GP through naps. Any thoughts? Nervous about ordering for first time
New 02-04, 00:11
Wow been awhile since I have been here.. Looks like things are still in good order..
New 29-03, 12:05
I know man. I DO think Naps is badass. No Question. Just paranoid as fuck now. Don't want any legal bullshit. Naps is doing great though.
New 28-03, 17:45
No excuses you went from naps rocks to fuck it in 3 days. Have faith my brother they will make sure everything is o.k.
New 28-03, 13:19
Hello? Answer me gotdamn it
New 28-03, 11:37
has anyone gotten their shit seized by Customs? What happens to future orders?
New 27-03, 23:56
Holy sh!t, my order was siezed by customs. I wonder what happens to my other orders.
New 26-03, 23:01
Naps f'n ROCKS! Have made 4 orders so far and all of them have been smooth. Great products, especially love Dragon Pharma. This is the real deal. Kudos!!
New 25-03, 20:47
i am new to this. I want to try a series of oral steroids to help me with fat loss and muscle building. Not sure where to begin so doing some research.
New 25-03, 20:00
hey guys im new here was wondering
New 24-03, 00:49
Hell yeah!!!!
New 23-03, 21:52
Wow BIG. Looks like you still have your hands full with the chatbox. You guys do know there's a wealth of knowledge just below the chatbox.
New 22-03, 23:30
Hello, Just joined. Looking foward to being apart of the community!!
New 22-03, 21:38
ptc protocol. i need to know exactly what im supposed to take and how. because i am a dummy when it comes to this basically
New 22-03, 21:37
id like to go all oral steroids i dont know what to take at all. steroids for cycle and
New 22-03, 21:36
alright ladies and gentlemen....i need help. i have ran testosterone cyp 250 twice with a twelve week cycle each time. took clomid and arimidex for PTC. it breaks me out really bad on my back. so i need to know what i can do differently
New 20-03, 19:29
can someone help me out with a A.I. Dose for a weekly Injection 2x?
New 20-03, 17:30
Vote GP Phenyl for Product of the week! Please and thank you
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