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New 24-03, 01:49
Hell yeah!!!!
New 23-03, 22:52
Wow BIG. Looks like you still have your hands full with the chatbox. You guys do know there's a wealth of knowledge just below the chatbox.
New 23-03, 00:30
Hello, Just joined. Looking foward to being apart of the community!!
New 22-03, 22:38
ptc protocol. i need to know exactly what im supposed to take and how. because i am a dummy when it comes to this basically
New 22-03, 22:37
id like to go all oral steroids i dont know what to take at all. steroids for cycle and
New 22-03, 22:36
alright ladies and gentlemen....i need help. i have ran testosterone cyp 250 twice with a twelve week cycle each time. took clomid and arimidex for PTC. it breaks me out really bad on my back. so i need to know what i can do differently
New 20-03, 20:29
can someone help me out with a A.I. Dose for a weekly Injection 2x?
New 20-03, 18:30
Vote GP Phenyl for Product of the week! Please and thank you
New 14-03, 03:53
looking for new / better workout for intermediate cut prepackaged cycle
New 13-03, 03:05
Hi everybody. First time to consider purchasing online like this. Is the site legit? Products legit? Thanks.
New 12-03, 22:51
Anyone ever get a sore neck from winny?
New 12-03, 20:48
This is my first time ordering. This looks pretty cool. Have anyone tried the gear? Is it ok?
New 12-03, 19:43
just received order...2 weeks from start to finish...WOW!!...perfect!!
New 10-03, 22:30
New to this forum. Just want to shout out to naps. This is my third order with them. Flawless every time.
New 10-03, 03:58
Just recieved my package in about2 weeks . Everything's there anc cant wait o start.
New 09-03, 13:38
hi all in this forum, my name is saaqib, im a medical researcher passionate about fitness..nice to join this forum
New 05-03, 19:54
Any preference? Next is this will be my first cycle ever, Age 32 6' @ 190 lbs. What duration and EOD dosage is recommended so I can buy the right amount.
New 05-03, 19:53
I'm choosing between Para Pharma Cut Stack 150 and Dragon Pharma Cut Mix 150. I am aware that one ships from Europe and the other from Canada. Any preference? Next is this will be my first cycle ever, Age 32 6' @ 190 lbs.
New 05-03, 03:24
Hello all. I wanted to give kudos to Naps Gear. I had a great experience with their customer service guys when I had questions. More importantly, I got some Pharmacom Boldenone Undeclynate 500 from them and I am stuck on them now.
New 04-03, 22:17
@dangerzone No problem, up your water, cut out salt, add some apple cider vinegar daily, take probiotics, DECA will make you gain water
New 04-03, 13:43
how can I find out if domestic gear is putting out the right stuff. My results are total opposite of being cut. i got a deca or hgh affect instead of hard, cut and tone. will they ship me new gear?
New 04-03, 13:40
anyone have problems with domestic supplier? My cut mix arrived , test tren, mast, but instead of cut and tone , i put on 20lbs and have bloating and distention in my mid section. i think they ran out and substituted something, because I have never had th
New 03-03, 20:53
Should have mentioned 49 years old and workout 4 to 5 days a week.
New 03-03, 20:46
New to this, I am patient with gains so I am doing Test now and ordering Primo any thoughts
New 03-03, 17:56
Napsgear and Naps-gear are 2 different sites. Didnt realize cuz on my phone it looked the same. Anyone know about Naps-Gear? i think i got played.
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