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New 07-04, 04:29
Hi everyone, I just registered and I have a question. I am 50 years old and in reasonably good health. I do take blood pressure and cholesterol medications and I'm trying to get into shape. What are good oral steroids to use for definition and strength?
New 26-03, 20:15
Looking for good quality Juice for female
New 26-03, 20:08
What is the best Juice for a woman to take?
New 04-03, 10:08
Thanks in advance
New 04-03, 10:08
Hi to all. I would like to know if there are any reputable sites to purchase roids on the dark net? If so would someone please post one or more of these sites that I can use.
New 10-10, 19:43
New 09-09, 18:53
can some one give me advice. I'm not sure I'm doing this properly since never done this before. I am 65, built okay, but want more muscle as I seem to be losing it as I age. What can I take that is safe which will help me build?
New 15-07, 17:49
New 15-07, 17:49
what site??
New 06-02, 00:46
Mr. Big. Is this site still alive? You out there?
New 10-10, 01:08
New 18-09, 12:35
I had a guy sell products to me Which were for stupid prices
New 18-09, 12:34
what's everyones Experience with the brands I've used alpha pharma before but never dragon pharma or GP
New 18-09, 12:33
hi guys i'm trying to make my mind up between Alpha Pharma GP or Dragon Pharma
New 28-08, 01:19
anybody have a currently active site where they have had a semi-recently positive experience ordering bacteriostatic water?
New 25-06, 21:36
I've been taking t3 25 mcg Ed and noticed that I urinate more frequently. Anybody else on this?
New 20-06, 17:50
What is best to get to lose body fat and to gain the most muscle the fastest for a first cycle ever? I want to go with injectables. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
New 29-05, 23:33
good to see you too brother. Hows training and everything?
New 27-05, 00:31
sam1976, yes it has been a long time, good to see you back bother.
New 13-05, 22:27
Hope everyone has been well here! Its been a long time since I've been on the board. Just wanted to say hey and a big hello to Mr Big. Glad to see you around here brother
New 25-04, 21:13
Mr. Big!! Good to see you brother!! Glad to see a familiar face still running the show! I hope all is well with you and the fam buddy
New 10-02, 15:59
If anyone has Naps / Admins email address plz pm it to me.
New 21-10, 04:00
Anyone can PM me any time, I may not post, but I'm here 3-4 times a day.
New 21-10, 03:58
What's going on that your saying this forum has issues, I've been around and haven't seen any issues...
New 01-09, 22:40
Has anyone had a problem with western union not allowing money transfers to Ukraine for Naps orders?
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