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New 03-01, 19:13
can someone give me some advice that would be amazing.
New 03-01, 19:12
Hello I need some help with a stack.
New 03-01, 09:36
Hello to all. Dear members can you please provide me information. If it possible start working with you? I'm manager of one pharm company.
New 31-12, 01:58
How to get pharmaceuticals delivered to AP FPO addresses. I'm currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan.
New 22-12, 16:36
Or send me your order number please!
New 22-12, 16:36
Hi @Jimd, have you created a ticket with naps ? If yes can you pass me the ticket number and I will personally pass it on to the naps team. Cheers!
New 21-12, 19:56
I placed a order with naps. It was my first. I followed all instructions. I paid like it said. It’s been 9 days I’ve sent 3 emails thru the contact us tab. I’ve heard nothing. Can someone help me with this?
New 19-12, 20:32
@Jdneuroth post in the "Anabolic Steroids" section of the forum below. Thanks brother!
New 19-12, 20:32
@Jdneuroth hey bro, please post this along with your stats, diet, bloodwork if you have it; and what compounds you're thinking of using. We will take a look at that and can give you some advice
New 19-12, 19:49
Hi I'm trying to start my first cycle I'm trying to stack on some muscle and burn off my gut I work out 4 days a week naturally just want to get some direction for what products to buy and some preventative measures for side effects
New 03-12, 16:30
which testosterone for women
New 01-12, 09:46
Can someone please make some sense out of this? https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0166445X06002372
New 01-12, 01:57
@Heime, PM me
New 22-11, 03:00
Can anyone tell me where to find a reliable source to buy roids in Australia? Thanks in advance...
New 22-11, 02:59
Hi to all, and thanks is advance.
New 13-11, 21:01
woman wright loss and energy
New 13-11, 20:58
woman wright loss and energy
New 10-11, 18:45
and include a pic so we can see your current physique, that will help determine what our members suggest to you.
New 10-11, 18:44
I'm going to assume youre a woman, so you have to be extra careful as a lot of these things can have negative effects if not done correctly. Make a post with all of your stats, including how long youve been taking Dbol
New 10-11, 18:43
as for injections, for women theres a few options... but he probably meant testosterone. I'd look in the Steroid Learning Center and the entire parts of the Steroid & Chemical forums here on this main forum (Forum --> scroll down).
New 10-11, 18:40
yes you cannot continue oral steroids for long periods, theyre hepatoxic, meaning they can damage liver
New 10-11, 18:39
maplecat, cycling (aka a cycle) means taking doses of steroids over a period (how long depends on the compound, but varies between 4-6 weeks typically), then stopping for a period, then starting back up.
New 09-11, 21:00
and what the heck is "cycling"?
New 09-11, 20:57
I am new to juice, my boyfriend has me take them to drop weight, build my upper body and help my weak knees get stronger. He says I cant stay on dianabol for long periods, and to switch to inject. We have since split. What kind of inject. am I looking for
New 04-11, 10:30
No, you need to be on the main website and put in a ticket, they will answer quickly. Over a month is not a long time, unless you used domestic and BTC, otherwise, it is a pretty standard waiting time. Get to ticketing and ask support, they will answer.
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