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New 03-12, 16:30
which testosterone for women
New 01-12, 09:46
Can someone please make some sense out of this? https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0166445X06002372
New 01-12, 01:57
@Heime, PM me
New 22-11, 03:00
Can anyone tell me where to find a reliable source to buy roids in Australia? Thanks in advance...
New 22-11, 02:59
Hi to all, and thanks is advance.
New 13-11, 21:01
woman wright loss and energy
New 13-11, 20:58
woman wright loss and energy
New 10-11, 18:45
and include a pic so we can see your current physique, that will help determine what our members suggest to you.
New 10-11, 18:44
I'm going to assume youre a woman, so you have to be extra careful as a lot of these things can have negative effects if not done correctly. Make a post with all of your stats, including how long youve been taking Dbol
New 10-11, 18:43
as for injections, for women theres a few options... but he probably meant testosterone. I'd look in the Steroid Learning Center and the entire parts of the Steroid & Chemical forums here on this main forum (Forum --> scroll down).
New 10-11, 18:40
yes you cannot continue oral steroids for long periods, theyre hepatoxic, meaning they can damage liver
New 10-11, 18:39
maplecat, cycling (aka a cycle) means taking doses of steroids over a period (how long depends on the compound, but varies between 4-6 weeks typically), then stopping for a period, then starting back up.
New 09-11, 21:00
and what the heck is "cycling"?
New 09-11, 20:57
I am new to juice, my boyfriend has me take them to drop weight, build my upper body and help my weak knees get stronger. He says I cant stay on dianabol for long periods, and to switch to inject. We have since split. What kind of inject. am I looking for
New 04-11, 10:30
No, you need to be on the main website and put in a ticket, they will answer quickly. Over a month is not a long time, unless you used domestic and BTC, otherwise, it is a pretty standard waiting time. Get to ticketing and ask support, they will answer.
New 03-11, 20:43
is this the live chat where i can get some help finding out why my order has taken over a month and havent recieved it yet
New 31-10, 14:02
Hell some of these dudes couldn’t even get a tan…. Let alone a physique! Sorry but getting shredded involves muscle DEFINITION. Not going from 50 pounds overweight to 30 pounds overweight. That is simply a scam to draw new customers.
New 31-10, 14:00
People who simply lost weight… never seen a gym, unless stopping to ask for directions… get prizes? Lmfao! Yet… we talk about doing contests under the bright lights? Lmfao!
New 31-10, 13:54
alAt the end of the day you are 175 pounds. I had to starve to get down to 223. If I would have just taken LASIK like the sports medicine doc advised I would have shown even better. Glad I didn’t because this contest was just to draw new customers period
New 31-10, 13:52
And I am not a hater…. You transformed great. But save all of the nonsense talk like you are talking to a little kid or something.
New 31-10, 13:51
You didn’t care much about “etiquette” when you wrote some condescending dumb shit on my page about going for a walk compared to running around the country. No “etiquette” or sportsmanship there.
New 31-10, 13:50
Proper forum etiquette?? Give the bullshit a rest!
New 31-10, 11:29
Also, proper forum etiquette is not to discuss this type of thing in a chat box but to make a post for discussion…
New 31-10, 11:22
It’s all an illusion in the end and most people think they are better than what they are. Of course, we all want to win but there can only be one winner.
New 31-10, 11:20
Sometimes your best is just not good enough in the light of competition. True bodybuilders know that the lights are hot and bright and they show all the flaws that we think we may or may not have.
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