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New 19-11, 01:33
have been on test e 400 test p and privorn with some mastron for a couplemonths not the cut i was looking for so im now getting hgh and testp to tighten and build cut any suggestion never did hgh before but am excited
New 15-11, 12:07
jjuiceman, do a search here, there's a ton of info on first cycles.
New 14-11, 01:45
Or what would be the best to cycle with for my first time and how long?
New 14-11, 01:44
so this is my first order ever and i want to know the best way to cycle dbol and test E. I have been bodybuilding for about 5 years and am eating 8 meals a day of 2 cups of rice and 10oz chicken. weighing 200lbs
New 12-11, 12:54
I would dose it the same way.
New 12-11, 06:27
So I ordered a new cycle this would be my 3rd and I usually get test E as my main steroid but I mistakenly ordered Test E 200mg with EQ 200mg I'm thinking of just trying it any advice on dosage?
New 11-11, 20:06
Hi all
New 09-11, 19:57
whats going on with napsgear
New 08-11, 16:27
Sethmerck1, You will need to do a Testosterone with it.
New 07-11, 12:50
What should i cycle turnabol 10 with?
New 07-11, 05:23
nvm ��
New 07-11, 05:20
Girls glutes
New 06-11, 23:45
MrBig message sent
New 06-11, 14:56
TestAaron, good to go.
New 05-11, 23:55
MrBig.. clear your private messages so I can send you a message real quick.. if you dont mind!
New 05-11, 17:51
Thanks MrBig
New 05-11, 17:27
TestAaron, You haven't broke any rules so don't worry about it, your good brother.
New 05-11, 17:20
Not many guys on this time of year, time to train hard! Don't break the rules and you'll never have to see "READ THE RULES"
New 05-11, 16:39
This place is a joke, nobody helps anyone, everyone just constantly says READ THE RULES... PATHETIC FORUM
New 04-11, 14:48
This isn't Amazon brother!
New 03-11, 17:41
it looks dogy, the way they take payment, why not simply we can pay through our card
New 03-11, 17:28
i jsut want to order, but requires bitcon. i dnt understand
New 03-11, 13:15
asot34, yes the shipping is slow, but this is there busy season so be patient, it will come.
New 01-11, 22:33
Maybe they are not scammer but the shipping and customer service are freakin nightmare.
New 01-11, 22:31
I just want to let everybody now they always make you wait but they pick up money at the same day. Is this how does napsgear work?
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