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New 20-09, 17:14
Can we get some votes for Dragon Pharma Test 400 for POTW on Naps. Please and thank you
New 20-09, 02:34
Hello people
New 17-09, 16:30
Glad to hear it brother. @Quadzilla. - Haven't myself, stuck to Genezapharms.
New 16-09, 23:11
Has anyone tried Pharmacom gear from Naps?
New 16-09, 16:15
If anyone would like to watch the 2017 Mr. Olympia, you can catch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3a2f7Olnh0
New 16-09, 16:14
Yup still here brother
New 16-09, 08:00
Mr. Big - Glad to see you still running the ship brotha!
New 16-09, 07:58
Looks like a lot of the OG members have been MIA for a minute. Anyway, howdy y'all, good to be back.
New 14-09, 12:06
Bout to do an anvar only cycle. Couple of questions, 6 or 8 week cycle. For a man, would would the dosage be 40mgs. Would nolva be a good pct? Thanks
New 14-09, 12:04
Anavar Only Question
New 05-09, 11:11
Hi all, Saxo here and it's my 1st day on this great forum. Looking forward to chatting to all you guys in the near future.
New 03-09, 22:14
whats the losest amount per week of GP Test250 i can take and still see gains. I just want to get stronger and leaner but not big.
New 03-09, 06:07
New 30-08, 14:17
Hi, all. I'm new to this board and just wanted to shout a quick hello. Full intro is in the forum.
New 28-08, 22:52
Guys post all your questions in a thread.
New 28-08, 11:47
55 225 lbs 6'3
New 28-08, 11:33
hi Im 55 years old wanting to gain strength and some bulk and cut fat , have done one cycle of teat e followed by hgh it worked great , was injured and lost everthing I gained and cut.. would love to get started on something that will give me good results
New 26-08, 01:13
Im glad to be back at juicedmuscle
New 25-08, 16:02
I have never used deca
New 25-08, 15:58
Hey guys I havent used any gearfor a while but my question is can you pin deca and test together in same site ?
New 24-08, 02:19
Hey guys I'm starting test and tren about 300 mg per week. It's not my first time using gear but first time with tren ace any advice. Im not going to go too crazy on it just want to add more size I'm 5'10" 235
New 23-08, 15:30
Hello MMA fighters or knowledgeable stackers. I am 36 and on TRT theropy. I am looking for a couple boosters and the two I am looking at are Oxandrolone and Turinabol. I want to shred and stay lean for cutting however I want to keep extreme endurance.
New 13-08, 22:25
Hi- any advice on a clen, var and win stack?
New 13-08, 21:32
Is Test 250 the best thing to take for beginners?
New 06-08, 12:45
Liz, start a thread and post your question
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