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New 11-10, 00:14
im in my early 20's have been lifting for a little over three years consistently. im ready to take it a step further whats a good oral steroid to start thats not to complicated as far as dosing and would prefer no gynocholmastia lol
New 08-10, 16:41
Hey guy's I haven't been around all last week, was on vacation, but I'm back and will try and catch up on all PM's
New 08-10, 14:10
Question for the experts. 1.5cc of test a week and 20mg of dbol a day. Should I be taking any blockers now? Thanks
New 07-10, 15:33
When taking human growth hormone do you have to take polypeptide with it? And if so, what is the best kind and dosage?
New 03-10, 23:11
Has anyone tried running a lower prop/higher NPP cycle, like 100 prop 150 NPP EOD? I've been reading that it is safer than previously thought
New 02-10, 02:10
You can send me a private message if you like.
New 02-10, 02:08
What is good products to take for a pro sprinter?
New 02-10, 00:59
Thinking about a Prop/NPP run at 150 each every MWF for 7 weeks. Yes or too short?
New 01-10, 22:02
shout box is for small talk, most of your cycle questions should go to the forum so everyone can read them and hopefully help you guys out, thanks
New 01-10, 22:02
Thanks MrBig
New 01-10, 22:02
guys a lot of these questions in the shout box will probably get a better response in the forum
New 29-09, 00:46
franko, Start a thread, you'll get more responses.
New 28-09, 20:17
kool no help
New 28-09, 20:16
shold i add npp anavar clomid nolvadex and provion all together
New 28-09, 20:14
want to run winny for 6 weeks and test for 12 week s
New 28-09, 20:14
if anyone could help
New 28-09, 20:14
hey have some questions
New 25-09, 00:04
I would like to start taking HGH, don't know where to start. A friend told me I should order the BLUE TOP. Need help.
New 24-09, 13:44
@ yocheese, https://www.napsgear.org/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=hcg
New 23-09, 18:52
What can I take to get my nuts back in order after a cycle?
New 23-09, 02:53
New 21-09, 20:15
Gam_Boa, Your chances are better getting banned, see you when you come back.
New 21-09, 16:32
What are my chances of getting
New 20-09, 17:14
Can we get some votes for Dragon Pharma Test 400 for POTW on Naps. Please and thank you
New 20-09, 02:34
Hello people
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