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New 16-01, 20:10
Jyrodz23, Yes, 10-20mg's every day for 4-6 weeks, with liver support.
New 16-01, 19:15
No one had an answer for me yet?
New 16-01, 13:17
Kim, Stanozolol, 10-20mg's every day for 4-6 weeks, with liver support.
New 16-01, 04:41
My husband uses but is not comfortable to advise me on what to use. I am 52 y/o 118#; 5'1" but I have fibromyalgia. I workout but want to see more results with cuts and bulk. What would you advise I take?
New 15-01, 21:14
10-20mg's every day for 4-6 weeks, with liver support.
New 15-01, 20:15
New 15-01, 20:15
Hello I'm looking for some help as far as how to and what to take it with. I'm 29 woman pro elite sprinter, I'm wanting to take some Winston but I'm not sure how to, where to get 8th and if I have to take something else with it.
New 14-01, 16:35
hi can anyone advise me how to get my hands on some bitcoin?
New 14-01, 15:19
Guys, please read the board rules, I've been letting some of you slide and editing the posts, I'm gonna start banning you if this keeps up.
New 14-01, 15:07
I've been seeing a lot of you guys wanting to use Trenbolone, you guys need to educate yourself, this drug is 5 time stronger than Testosterone,. Do not take this drug lightly. This is NOT a good AAS to be takin for a first time user.
New 14-01, 04:01
mhbullyz, not in the chat box brother, PM me.
New 14-01, 03:31
anyone having issues?
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New 11-01, 01:40
Legit enough to ban you, if you don't read the rule.
New 10-01, 20:47
Hey, I'm new gere. How legit is this site? And is it safe to order online?
New 09-01, 02:28
Yo yo yo
New 07-01, 23:05
First you didn't read the rules of this forum. next time I'll ban you.
New 07-01, 04:00
Hi! Im trying to buy some stuff
New 06-01, 00:31
Detroitdiesel, Start a thread brother
New 05-01, 23:27
I'm looking for some help on oral pills Dbol
New 02-01, 05:04
I would stay on till you can get your PCT, it's better than crashing.
New 02-01, 02:49
I have been taking test cypaite for ten weeks along side winny tabs and i just finished both 7 days ago i do not have a pct and am worried if i order now it wont be here in time i have more test should i just start again until i recieve it or should i jus
New 02-01, 02:48
Hey have a big issue if anyone cn help me its about PCT
New 01-01, 17:20
Happy new year to all our members
New 28-12, 16:59
sup you guys. I arm torn between ordering Alpha Pharm or Geneza Pharm. the do not have any lab tests on Naps to compare the ywo. Using GP Sust 270 and GP Tren-E200 along with Alpha Pharm Proviron.
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