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New 31-03, 00:46
nice arm workout brother
New 31-03, 00:35
happyMonday to you as well
New 31-03, 00:24
Happy Monday to you all JM family.
New 30-03, 00:07
yeah my granddaughter just left here as well
New 29-03, 23:23
Ok,back again.Kids went rock climbing.Mommy & Daddy watched.LOL
New 29-03, 18:29
New 29-03, 18:20
I love kids man.Nothing like the love you get and give to them.
New 29-03, 18:20
LOL.Thats awesome.
New 29-03, 18:18
as she says Nana and papa I love you to the moon and back!!
New 29-03, 18:15
yes sir I love her to death
New 29-03, 18:14
Thats always a blessed thing.
New 29-03, 18:11
doing good got the granddaughter for the rest of the day
New 29-03, 18:10
Morning to you and Ronny T.
New 29-03, 18:10
How are you today my friend?
New 29-03, 18:03
afternoon F.I.S.T. worked 4 hours cleaning a freezer this morning trying to get past the cleaning chemicals lol
New 29-03, 17:37
Im beat.LOL
New 29-03, 17:37
Just got back from throwing the frisbee around with the kids.
New 29-03, 17:37
Great Sunday morning to you all JM family.
New 29-03, 17:23
will everyone vote GP Test Enanth 250 for Product of the Week next week at napsgear.org
New 29-03, 17:22
Will everyone vot GP Test Enanth 24
New 29-03, 00:17
yeah my granddaughter gives us a great workout too lol
New 29-03, 00:03
Also,love spending time with the family now that I have it so sometimes we'll all go out and I may have to skip my normal training schedule but always get some kind of workout in with my sons.LOL
New 29-03, 00:02
I will also take off when needed.No regular times off for me though.If I feel I need it,i'll just do it.
New 29-03, 00:00
I usually take Saturday Sunday and Monday off cause of the work I do on the weekends
New 28-03, 23:57
Im still trying to kee it going.Wont let time kick my ass.
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