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New 15-05, 18:37
Z8Z1B-VD Use this code on NAPSGEAR.org to receive 10% off of your order!! Great service and very legitimate! I was skeptical at first but now I am 100% confident. I promise with NAPS you will have nothing to worry about!
New 05-05, 12:07
RoboDoc, please check PMs again, so that we can get this resolved for you
New 02-05, 23:46
RoboDoc, please check your PMs. Thanks
New 02-05, 03:01
RoboDoc, I will forward this to our Naps Rep right away. Thanks for letting us know
New 25-04, 17:52
Everyone, it would really be appreciated if when asking for cycle advice that you do not use the chatbox, and instead make a thread in the appropriate subforum. After periods, chatbox purges, and you also do not get notifications for replies. Thanks f
New 24-04, 13:12
@Burner123 Can you provide more details? What other compounds are you planning to take, and at what doses? What's your experience with cycles? Feel free to open a thread in the Anabolic Steroids subforum below so others can chime in
New 24-04, 02:59
@jayitup For a first time tren user, what do you think about starting 100mg Tren Acetate (then go up to 200 if you feel you like more) weekly for 8-16 weeks, along with 25mg Test Prop. And I would keep some Cabaser on hand just in case
New 24-04, 02:57
@playerones I'm also a big fan of anavar. It's a bit more expensive than other orals, but works great with any cycle
New 24-04, 02:56
@playerones I like GP Andromix. Is this your first blast?
New 24-04, 02:55
@TKK I would strongly advise reaching out to a TRT doctor before going on any AAS since you have a history of fatty liver. I don't want to recommend something that might but your health at risk. cheers
New 23-04, 01:15
I'm considering a cycle of Anadrol and Stanozolol for weight gain and power. Any feedback?
New 15-04, 18:26
hello, brand new to the gear game i am wanting to get some good muscle on my frame but have had fatty liver problems in the past. Is there anything someone recommend for a begginer? i have been natty lifting for about 1.5 years(strong lifts 5x5
New 04-04, 16:01
What's up
New 14-03, 20:32
I am interested in doing a cycle of GP Andromix 150mg but I was wondering if I should take it with something else to get the best results. Any advice please? Thank you all,
New 14-03, 20:31
I am 5'11 and 192 lbs. I am not fat at all but my belly is huge lol and I really would love to lose the belly. I am on testosterone which is prescribed by my doctor
New 14-03, 20:29
Hope everyone is doing well. I am new to this forum and new to this whole thing.
New 14-03, 20:28
Hi all
New 14-03, 00:41
Hello all. I'm doing my first ever Tren cycle. There's a lot of different information on the web about dosage. I'm seeing as low as 150mg weekly and as high as 400mg weekly. How much should I take?
New 18-02, 00:04
Need test c with ba and bb not ethyl oleate (allergy)
New 14-02, 16:47
Hey - new to these supps and hoping for advice. Started new post with extra details. Stats: 30 y/o, 180#, 6'0", hoping for a 4-8week cycle to gain lean mass prior to cutting for summer.
New 13-02, 17:53
whats up
New 04-02, 09:04
Hey - new here today and wondering if there are any young bodybuilders after a supporter
New 01-02, 18:29
starting test E 250 and dbol, along with aromasin and n2guard. Experienced in test, first time with dbol bulk. Usually split 500mg test dose up to two injections per week. How would you guys time all these compounds/substances each day?
New 25-01, 23:22
I am a 54 yo man who's been on test cup for TRT for alosmt 5 years. I want to introduce another compound now and hit gym hard. What do you of Primobolan as a stack w Test Cyp?
New 03-01, 18:13
can someone give me some advice that would be amazing.
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