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    Lastly, shes not interested in taking AAS. Shes afraid of the sides and if would complicate her ability to get pregnant in the future. She knows about all the gear Ive taking and shes ok with it, shes not too sure if shes ready to go that route. She did have some interest in clen. Again, im even more ignorant on females using any type of gear, so I would appreciate it if you could spread some light on that subject. Thanks again for reading and if you dont have the time or just dont really want to spend time and respond, i understand and theres no hard feelings. My post came in backwards cause theres a limit on the characters per message, sorry for the long message.
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    This is my first time working out and helping a female. I decided to have her try out Jamie Easons 12 week livefit program. Weve structured her diet, and shes been following it religiously. Shes eating 1620 calories a day. 172g protein, 126 grams carbs, and 29grams of fat. That comes out to 47%/35%/18% split for protein carbs and fats. Shes 5'4" and weighs 168lbs, we havent measured her bodyfat. Her short term goal is to get to 140lbs, and in the long term she wants to continue to lose bodyfat and gain some muscle. Ive calmed her fears of getting "too bulky" and showed her some female bodybuilders that do figure and explained to her that those women lift weights like men and look the way she aspires too. She has a great attitude and I love training her, I just want to make sure Im doing it right. I thought with your backround you could give me some advice.
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    Hey TG,
    I just wanted to introduce myself to you. Im glad to see a female on the forum with knowledge in this sport. I was hoping I could get some advice for my wife. I dont have anything specific right now, but as the weeks and months go by Im sure things will come up. If you dont have the time or desire, then no big deal. I guess letting you know the back story would be a good start. Shes been active and exercising to some degree for most her life (mostly zumba), but I recently got her in the gym to lift weights. I had her start off for a few months just getting used to working out with at least 4 days a week of lifting weights. For the most part she went to the gym on her own time and did the work. She fell in love with lifting and how it made her feel, so we decided to step it up a notch. Im in no means an expert in the matter, but ive been in the gym for the last 15 years and I know what works for me.
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