June 2016

Many iron warriors ask themselves if the use of anabolic steroids will shorten their lifespan. Or maybe prolong their lifespan. Is there any scientific research that could answer this question?

First if you ask someone this question, most people will first think of bodybuilders, because the (ab)use of anabolic androgenic steroids is inextricably linked to bodybuilders. Slowly the general population realizes that a big part of gymgoers and athletes uses AAS and not only for athletic purposes (doping) but also for cosmetic reasons. Is the use of anabolic steroids as dangerous as many officials want us to believe?

Prasterone (DHEA)

the resurrection of a depreciated pro-hormone

When testosterone precursors were at the height of their popularity, several studies were published on the effect of DHEA supplementation and its relative androstenedione on body composition, but the results were inconclusive. Many supplement companies sold it as “the fountain of Youth” and as a miracle juice for bodybuilders, of course many users were disappointed. Nevertheless DHEA retains its popularity. Many users are convinced of DHEA's powers of rejuvenation.

Franco Columbu

Many people liked the way the bodybuilders from the seventies looked. Most of them where seen as hero’s. And after the movie “Pumping Iron” the bodybuilding virus spread like wildfire. Nowadays you see that part of the present bodybuilding community would like to see those days returning. The other part of the community, mostly very young, likes the modern version of freaky physiques.

On the forums you can read the pro and cons of the “Golden Era” of bodybuilding compared to modern bodybuilding. We all know that bodybuilding is an evolving sport. It didn’t start in the golden era, or the seventies, if you like. And in those years many people didn’t like what happened either. Fact is that many of the trainings protocols, the diets and yes the old drug protocols, originated from that era.