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Hgh and hang problems

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  • Hgh and hang problems

    I was looking to see if anyone had insight about Carpal tunnel and hand numbness. I'm 40 and really trying hgh to help with a shoulder surgery I had 8 months ago but wouldnt mind the other benefits. I'm 245lbs and 15-17% BF, I am 7 weeks in, I started at 2iu a day in the morning after a week in I started feeling problems with my arms and hands. It was bearable so I kept it at 2 iu day. At week 5 I tried to go to 3iu, 1.5 am and 1.5 pm. After a week I had to stop, at night I wake up and can't go back to bed even. It take me 30-40 min for warming up to be able to use my hands and fingers are really stiff. After a week I went back to 2 iu and still having problems two days ago I dropped to 1.5iu. I use 1.2 mL BW to make each vial which I believe is correct for gray tops.
    a few questions
    1. has anyone ever believed that the kits was over dosed? It looks like a good amount of powder in there I'm sure some is some kind of stabilizer.
    2. I'm guessing I'm hypersensitive to hgh is there anything I can do to stop this side effect? (I have limited salt to as low as possible already), any vitamins or supplements or food I should avoid or add?
    3. Is this just how it is and I'm stuck? Will it go away if I hold at a lower dosage then I cam slowly increase? any help appreciated!
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