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For those asking for analysis, see how it is easy to test yourself at home.

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    Originally posted by mercury View Post
    then you should not have problem to understand, it shows you retantion time and the peak you see is anavar, I can give you raw GC/MS data and you can play with it in GC/MS Chemstation if you have one.

    no thanks for now I can done all my testing for now

    and belive me I had some powder from China they gave me lab results showing that it is 98% pure, they made it up the purity was lower and they mixed the powder with something else.
    In your graph the peaks are 29,31,43,61 m/z. That basically says nothing unless you can prove different.

    Please check my MS, peaks are 307.3 [M+H] and 635.5 [2M+Na].

    peak 1: 307.3 - H (1) = 306.3 MW (CAS 53-39-4 positive)
    peak 2: 635.5 - Na (23) = 612.5 / 2 = 306.25 (CAS 53-39-4 positive).

    I also ran the RT to 30 mins.

    Can i be more clear than this? Now i would like you mercury be as collaborative with the forum and bring a little more "sciency" support to your claims. Would be nice to see the MS for the sample you mentioned before that carried stanozolol instead of oxandrolone. Bring out the big guns i really want to see blood and i doubt RonnyT would censorship anything he already lifted the ball to the net for you asking for a MS on your claims. Lets see blood, i'm into all that.

    mercury: let me give you a little help since i can smell a bit of amateurish attitude from your side when it comes to analysis, i doubt you really understand anything from the subject but i love the way you want to get deeper and deeper. Hint: click on the 15.77 RT, maybe you will have a surprise You are currently showing us some peaks of Na ions
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      well i am definitely gonna stay out of this as i don't know what these test means. I am willing to run some tests on what i have at home, i have sus270(naps) anavar from GL. can someone tell em what i need to tell a lab? as in what kind of test etc. i have never got anything tested from labs.