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purple panda labs, igf1 lr3 came out as fake

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  • purple panda labs, igf1 lr3 came out as fake

    i come here well-intentioned;

    i always spend a lot of money to check my blood in order to assure myself upon the legitimity of any product i buy, other than for health.
    first image is the blood test i took one of the last days of january, 3-4 hours past the last injection of what was supposed to be igf1 lr3. the other one is been taken one of the first days of march, two weeks after finishing my igf1 supply. both analyses, however, fall in the male's upper end range, so the fact it's fake was probably already visible from the start. ive learnt a lesson at my expenses, hope somebody else will spend less, as they can learn the same by reading me, for free

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