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Making raw orals using capsules questions

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  • Making raw orals using capsules questions

    1)Say swim is making Dbol's for examples from raw powder and you are going to use gelatin capsules. What size capsule would you be ideal?

    2)Fillers are mixed in with the raws im curious why is this even necessary?(It seems to me like not all the pills would be accurately made to whatever dose you were shooting for) even though obviously to get the exact dose per cap would be a very very long tedious road.
    OR is using a FILLER not necessary when using gelatin capsules only when pressing pills?

    Making oils is very easy imo but I would appreciate if some of you could shed some light on the making of orals. Thank you for your time bro's

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    * capping machine (ie: Cap-M-Quick, The Capsule Machine)
    * blank caps: size 0 or 00
    * set of scales: must be accurate with very small measures
    * powder of selected compound (ie: anavar, clomid, Dianabol - methandrostenolone - , etc.)
    * filler powder (ie: sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, etc.)
    * mortar and pestle for mixing purposes

    Procedure for an accurate mix:
    To make this easier to follow, I will refer to the selected compound powder as 'CP' and the filler powder as 'FP'.

    * place blank caps in the capping machine
    * fill the caps with the FP (make sure they are completely full)
    * empty the caps out onto the scales and weight the FP
    * divide the weight of the total FP by the number of capsules the machine produces per time
    * clean the scales off before proceeding
    * place blank caps in the capping machine
    * fill the caps with the CP (make sure they are completely full)
    * empty the caps onto the scales and weigh the CP
    * divide the weight of the total CP by the number of capsules the machine produces per time

    You will now need to determine the ratio of weights of the respective powders CP:FP which you have just capped and weighed.
    Remember now that you have 24 caps of CP and 24 caps of FP for a total of 48 caps.

    This is just an example of weights:

    We determined that our total FP weight for the 24 caps was 18,000 mg or 750 mg per cap.
    We determined that our total CP weight for the 24 caps was 10,800 mg or 450 mg per cap.

    If you are making 100 mg caps of a specific compound for use, then your equations would look like this:
    Note: 100 mg does not represent the weight of the cap but rather the active indredient of the finished cap.

    100 mg CP = (unknown number) mg FP

    450 mg CP = 750 mg FP
    100 mg CP = 750 mg FP / 4.5 mg CP
    100 mg CP = 166.67 mg FP

    750 mg FP - 166.67 mg FP = 583.33 mg FP

    583.33 mg represents exactly how much FP must be used per cap to allow for the presence of the CP.

    Therefore, to make 48 - 100 mg caps of the specified compound in this example, you would need:

    * 27,999.84 mg of FP
    * 4,800 mg CP

    To mix the CP and FP together you will need to use the mortar and pestle.
    For a proper mix, make sure that the amount of FP you are adding to the mortar is equal to the existing CP or CP+FP as the mix progresses.

    * place all of the CP in the mortar (4,800 mg from the above example)
    * place an equal amount of the FP in the mortar (4,800 mg)
    * mix for a few minutes
    * place an equal amount of FP in the mortar (this time 9,600 mg which is equal to 4,800 mg CP + 4,800 mg FP)
    * mix for a few minutes
    * place the remaining FP into the mortar and mix

    You are now ready to cap.
    Follow the directions of the particular capping machine which you are using.
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      n other one:
      For the purpose of this thread lets say you wanted to cap var.

      Okay here's how you do it. First thing is first. You MUST understand that different substances have different densities. From math class: Mass/Volume = Density. What this boils down to is that 1g of creatine isn't going to have the same volume as 1g of var.

      Get "The Capsule Machine" and some 00 caps. You must use a filler in order to make this work. Creatine is a great filler with var. You also need a mortar and pestle and a digital scale.

      The capsule machine makes 24 caps. So weigh 24 empty caps. Weigh 24 caps filled with creatine. Then weigh 24 caps with pure var in them. Subtract the weight of the empty caps and divide by 24 to get the weight of each powder in 1 cap. Lets say the creatine is 525mg and the var is 420mg. Set up an equation like this:

      420mg var - - - - - 50mg Var (use whatever dose you want)
      _____________ = __________________________________

      525mg creatine - - - - X amount of creatine per cap

      Cross multiply:



      x=62.5 mg of creatine.

      What this means is that 50mg of var and 62.5mg of creatine occupy the same volume.

      Subtract the 62.5 from your initial creatine measurement of 525 which yields 462.5mg.

      So in each cap of var dosed at 50mg you need 462.5mg of creatine and 50mg of var.

      THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO ACCURATELY CAP! Don't believe all the other shit you read. If you have common sense this should make sense to you.

      After you figure all of this out, you need to mix the creatine and var together. You must compound them a certain way for it to work best. Start with all of your var. Say it's 10g. Then mix in 10g of creatine. Mortar and pestle the shit out of that. Then add in 20g more creatine and repeat. Only add in what you have already mixed. Ie... total mixture is at 10g var + 90g creatine = 100g that has already been mortar and pestled. Add in up to 100g creatine and mix it again. Then next time you can add in up to 200g of creatine and so on. This is the correct way to compound a substance.

      These numbers are completely made up. Do your own calculations to determine your required amounts.


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        Great Info as always RonnyT.. I made this a sticky!


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          Good info! Thank's
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            Is this still popular, people mixing there own capsules?


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              Fucking great info bro also a good read


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                Thanks for your info. Looks nice.


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                  thanks!!!good friend.


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                    It's great new to me!!!