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  • Need some advice regarding bloods


    I recently got bloods done because I’m mid cycle, I also got one before I started the cycle. As you can see some of the markers are out of range. I stumbled upon a thread where someone stated that fake Primo could ruin some blood-markers depending on the substance replaced for Primo. Anyhow i’m very mentally fatigued, so I can not really function properly. If there is any information missing, let me know and I’ll post it in the thread.

    I’m doing a ”mild” cycle because of prior abuse and damage done to my body that i’ve recovered from. Have been off for a year doing TRT at 115mg Test weekly (without hcg, preg, dhea). I’ve had elevated Prolactin for a long time as you can see on the bloods done 11/03, thinking maybe the use of tren/deca (1 year ago) is contributing to this.

    Current cycle:

    Started 30th of May

    400 Primo E EW (split in two doses on two days)
    175 Test P EW (25mg daily becaue of E2)
    5mg Cialis ED
    Used Caber because of high prolactin, that explains why my Prolactin now is non-exsistent.
    I’ve used modafinil 100mg maybe two-three times a month whenever my sleep is very bad.

    Fatigued (low Prolactin, low e2 and high TSH explains this)
    Gallbladder can not even handle 10g’s of fat without cramping and being inflamed (not sure about this one, but gallbladder issues are connected to Hypothyroidism)
    Low motivation
    Low Dopamine
    Bad sleep (waking up very tired and foggy brain)
    24/7 clogged nose (maybe cialis?)

    Pre existing conditions:
    Hypothyroidism (Hashimotos, on 50mcg t4 for this, just added 12.5 T3 because of the high TSH, the goal is for TSH to be around 1)

    What’s concerning me is the kidneys, Apolipoprotein, high iron, high progesteron and cholesterol. Not sure what to do for these.

    I’m donating blood for the high hematocrit, not using more Caber because of crashed Prolactin, i’m also adding 12,5mcg T3 to my 50mcg T4 to lower TSH.

    Got some gyno (from the high progesterone?) that i’m combating with Ralox when it arrives). I’m not using iron pans nor iron supplements regarding the high Iron.


    Diet: Paleo AIP because of Hashimotos Hypothyroidism

    This is in Swedish, so just let me know if translation is needed.


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    OK, first off you did not post any blood work. Second, if you are doing Primo E @ 200mg every 2 days you are not doing 400mg a week. Thirdly, 175mg of Test a week is only shutting you down, what's the thinking here? Rule of thumb, at least 15yrs ago anyway, TEST injected @ or higher than all other compounds. I don't even consider this a TRT treatment.
    My suggestion, "STOP EVERYTHING" including your so called TRT. Do a proper PCT and in 6 months get blood work done.
    Oh, and let a doctor read and diagnose your blood work.