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    This is one muscle girl who brings out the full spectrum of comments from ?Wow she is nothing short of Awesome? to ?Holy shit that is just too Freaking Far?. Originally from Brazil, she looks like she escaped from one of our morph galleries right into our present reality. It?s hard to find much information on her but Wikipedia informs us Renn? Toney has some of the largest biceps of any woman in the world. In February 2006, Toney?s biceps were measured at the Arnold Classic Expo. Officials measured her right biceps at 20″ and her left biceps at 20 ??. She achieved her physique after 20 years of training. Another source had this to say about her, ?Renn? Toney is a very private person. She has a quiet intellect and a deep still personality. Most of this is overlooked due to her extreme muscularity. It seems that she will be defined by her muscle size in the eyes of most observers. To do this is only to see the obvious.? I think there is more to Renn? than meets the eye and hopefully we will learn more of the story someday of this special muscle girl.
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    wow, she is amazing looking. she has some freaky genetics!
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