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HCG and HMG help to have kids ????

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  • HCG and HMG help to have kids ????

    Hi everyone,
    I'll get married soon. My partner an I decided to have a kid in the first year of marriage. I know short cycle 4 weeks of HCG and HMG will increase the size of testicle and the fertility. also, having Tamodex in hand in case I experience high estrogen symptoms.

    my question is, the benefits and of increase the size and fertility will permanently or for how long? Should I do this cycle before the marriage or after the marriage!!

    the reason I'm asking this because I prefer to do the cycle before the marriage and before I live with my partner.

    Thanks all in advance

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    LOL Yeah, pics coming soon.... perhaps I should have added Ive had noticeabe testicular atrophy from past cycles, too.
    In short; does HCG generally increase the size of your balls? And would you run it longer than for lets say 21 days? Ive ran clomid in the past but non of that stuff has done jack for me... I never used to PCT after cycles, Id just come off. Thats why Im asking about HCG and that if the balls become bigger again term is a myth?


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      Currently Im losing weight without using HCG diet and Ive lost 25 lbs in 4 months.But one of my friend suggested me to start HCG diet as it will help me in losing weight quickly.But Im still confused whether to start or not..


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        I looked it up the pct that seems like a boat load of HCG lol I'm not juicing that hard does doing that much really help? I don't even know if I could afford that lol
        here is some info about your question
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          I am confused. Is the original creator of this post,
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          fadi the same person as
          ChinaBar? I am assuming the wedding and kid production went forward without a hitch.? LOL.
          Anyway, I have been struggling with this same problem, NOT marriage and kids but testicular atrophy. Back in the day it was recommended that HCG was used in PCT. Now it seems that's a NoNo due to the suppression of LH. Now it is recommended, if HCG is to be used, it is used during cycle and stopped before PCT.
          As far as reproductive health, The research I have been doing suggests 6 months or more of HCG. The other drugs are HMG, clomiphene citrate, Tamoxifen. For testicular size while on cycle, well... Thats a case by case situation. I am adjusting all the time to find the right dose and frequency. As of today I have adjusted to every 3 days @ 750 IU. I am on Test Sust 300 every 10 days.
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