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  • Please allow me to introduce myself

    Hello all. I come to this site, via NAPS...

    I turned 48 last month, and have just picked up resistance training again about three weeks ago, after about three years of letting myself go.

    I?ve struggled with my weight since adolescence, going up and down, up and down countless times. I?m very well versed on the basics of training and nutrition, I?ve just never been great about sticking to anything when it comes to this.

    But in the spring of 2017, I hit the gym like a madman. I?d just had my life turned upside down by a crazy woman who I thought was the one. So I used all my rage and hurt to drive me in the gym. It worked! After a couple of months, a friend suggested I try a basic cycle of test/anavar, so I did. First time ever, at 43.

    I had great results, and ended up looking the best I ever had in my adult life. I did a couple of cycles that year (?17) and no more. I kept hitting the gym pretty regularly until about early 2019. I kept my basic physique that whole time, and it actually hung around a lot longer than I thought it would after I stopped hitting the weights.

    Flash forward to early this year. Those great gains are pretty much completely hidden by fat. I?d become lethargic, depressed and just feeling not well. I was eating pretty much whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

    After my birthday last month, I decided it was time to get my shit together. I?m not a kid anymore. So I?ve begun working out in our apartment?s little fitness center for the past three weeks or so.

    I?m basically approaching the end of the ?easy does it? phase. I?ve just been trying to get my body back into the routine of doing this again. I haven?t been pushing too much... but it?s been enough to notice I?m firming up, especially the shoulders. There?s just a lot of fat to deal with lol...

    Like I said, I?m 48... 6ft 2in, probably about 280 right now. When I was in beast mode in 2017 and 18, I was in the neighborhood of 230. And I looked like a linebacker.

    My first cycle should arrive in about three weeks. At that point, I?ll already have already hit my stride again. It?s again going to be just a simple low dose test/anavar combo.

    Sorry to be so long winded... basically just putting this out there for future reference.

    Thanks for providing a good place to learn more about all this... it?s a lot to try to take in.